Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Vegemite Mystery

Our Australian food has arrived.

Jack ate some cheese and bacon Shapes.    It smelled SO good; like the Pepperoni sticks my mom used to pack in my lunch bag.    It's one of the rare carnivore foods I miss every so often; that and Jack-in-the-Box Tacos.

We ate some Tim Tams and some Raspberry bullets.

We drank some Milo.

We had Vegemite on toast.  I was a bit weary.   I put a lot of butter on and mixed it with a small amount of Vegemite.  I THINK it was the same amount I used last year.

There was a difference this time though.  Last year, the little bit went a LONG way.  It was very strong.  This time I could hardly taste anything--just a subtle taste of salt.   It tasted fine.  I had another piece of toast.   (Have I mentioned that the numbers on my scale keep going higher and higher?)

Yesterday morning, I had toast for breakfast.  I took out the Vegemite in front of Tim.  He said something like None for me.  Keep that stuff away from me!

But then I guess he felt a bit guilty, being the husband of a woman who has an Australian blog and all that.

He decided to try some.   He put a little bit on his toast--except it wasn't as much of a little bit as my little bit. 

I said.  I think that's too much.

He ignored me, probably trying to be all macho.

I waited for him to make an awful face and make some kind of negative comment.  I waited and waited.   

He said he liked it.

He scraped more out of the jar and put more on his toast.   He ate that too.

He's now a Vegemite fan.

So, I'm wondering what's going on?

The last time we ate the Vegemite, we had never stepped foot in Australia before.   Now we are no longer virgins to Australia soil.   Does that make our taste buds more tolerant of Vegemite?   Is there something in the Australian air that contributes to the human body's acclimation to leftover brewers' yeast extract?


Did we somehow get a bad batch of Vegemite last time?


Maybe Kraft is making a NEW type of Vegemite--specifically for Americans.  It looks just like the Australian version, but with a much more mild flavor.   American eat it and think  I like this!  I can be Australian now.   Then they throw their boomerangs and ride around the room on their giant kangaroo stuffed animals.  

I think that is totally it.   We are eating Americanized Vegemite.