Sunday, December 7, 2008

My Most Favorite Book About Australia

Jack's birthday present for me arrived in the mail. I was so excited! He wrote his own book via Creations by You.

I have to transcribe this book so I can show off what he did.

Tim says he wrote it totally on his own. I'm going to copy his exact grammar, punctuation and spelling. I'm so impressed with what he knows, and what he was able to spit back out without help. It's not 100% accurate, but it's close enough for me.

Dedication Page: This book is dedicated to Mommy/Dina for a HAPPY BIRTHDAY (I love that! Jack often calls us by our first names. Before I had kids, I thought families who did that were creepy. But I love when he does it. I also love when he says "mommy" though)

Page 1: Captain James Cook was in his boat fishing for a Potato Cod (I was wondering where he got the idea of a Potato Cod. I think this was the huge fish we kept seeing at Sydney Aquarium)

Page 2: But there was every kind of fish...But no Potato Cod 

Page 3: So Cook bought a new ship called Endeover But he lost all his money! (talk about tragic)  (I really have no idea where he got the idea of the sea lacking potato cod, or Cook losing all his money.)

Page 4-6 have illustrations only.

Page 7-Then he met a boy named Banks. (From this page onward, Jack remembers the period at the end of the sentence. Good!)

Page 8: Him and Banks became friends.

Page 9: He found Australia on a accident. (Jack drew a picture of Australia. It's pretty good. And he remembered to include Tasmania!)

Page 10: So he went there.

Page 11: Then he went to Hawaii. AND.....THE PEOPLE KILLED HIM!

Page 12: The end of the TRUE! Story of Captain James Cook