Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Jack Gives Me a Lot of Gifts

I'm not a big fan of getting gifts.

I have too much stuff, and I don't usually want more stuff.

I feel like I'm drowning in stuff.

When Jack talks about getting me a present, I tell him to give me hugs or draw a picture.

The other night he decided to give me a huge bunch of imaginary gifts. He gave me thirteen gifts. I would pretend to open them, and he would tell me what they are. I can't remember all of them, but I do know they were all Australia related.

Here's some I remember.

1. A virtual Australia map. I think it was like a map with various webcams.

2. A big heavy statue of Captain Cook

3. A Captain Cook Lego set.

I'm not sure why he thinks I like Captain Cook so much.

4. An opal necklace that comes with a book about opals

5. A kangaroo Build-a-Bear stuffed animal.

6. A folded paper that you unfold and it turns into a map of Australia. It includes Tasmania.

7. A quilt with Aboriginal artwork on it

8. A didgeridoo which he pronounced as ginger-e-doo.

a remote control flying wildlife rescue helicopter

10. Tickets to Australia--I'm assuming these are plane tickets.

11. An Australian dollar

I love virtual gifts.

Note: I am still having other blogs say that my post links to their posts. I have no idea why this is happening. It's very odd. I do apologize for it because I feel it's kind of like false advertising. But I'm not quite sure how to stop it.