Saturday, November 21, 2009

Abi Tucker

Abi Tucker is a singer and actress.

I know she was on McLeod's Daughters. But she wasn't on the episodes we saw.

I've seen a video of her on another soap opera type show. She's doing karaoke....singing Paul Kelly's "To Her Door." I don't think the video is available on YouTube anymore. I just looked. While I was there, I saw the TV show Tucker was on. It's Heartbreak High. Was she on anything else? A part of me thinks maybe she was on The Secret Life of Us. But I think I could be wrong about that.

Oh! Actually I'm right. Lord Wiki says she was on The Secret Life of Us. Cool. I like being right. I mean I don't need to be right ALL the time; but it's nice if it happens every so often.

Baby Abi was born 22 January 1973. She's a few days older than one of my brother-in-laws.

Her career began in the early 1990's. She was on a show called New Faces. It was one of those talent search type things.

In 1993, there was a movie called The Heartbreak Kid. There was also another Heartbreak Kid in 1972, and yet another in 2007. Are these all remakes of each other? Well, it looks like the 2007 one is a remake of the 1972 movie. But the 1993 one stands alone. It's also Australian while the other two are American.

Anyway, Tucker wasn't in any of The Heartbreak Kid movies. But she was in the TV show based on the movie. This was Heartbreak High.

I think I'm going to drop Lord Wiki and move over to IMDb. They seem to have more information. Lord Wiki doesn't have much to say about Tucker.

Tucker was on Heartbreak High from 1994 to 1995. She did sixty-four episodes.

Here's some scenes from the show featuring Tucker. I like her voice. I'm impressed with the rap stuff.

Here's the show's official site. I thought maybe since it has a site up, it was still on. But I guess they just have reruns available.

On this page, Tucker describes how she and her character are similar. So....Tucker is a romantic. She falls in love easily. She's somewhat of an introvert. She daydreams a lot. She loves music.

I daydream a lot too.

In 1999, Tucker was in a thriller called Envy. It was about a mother seeking revenge for her molested child. I don't think Tucker had a very big role in it. Bridie Carter from McLeod's Daughters was in it too. I don't think she had a big role either.

In 2000, Tucker was in a comedy called The Wog Boy. Here's the trailer. It's a bit short, and I don't think Tucker is in it (the trailer, not the movie).

Also that year, Tucker did another comedy called Angst. According to an IMDb user, she played a Goth person. Once again, Tucker starred with another McLeod's Daughters person. This time it was Jessica Napier.

In 2001, she began work on The Secret Life of Us. Tucker played Miranda Lang. There was four seasons of that. Tucker was in the first three. Here's her singing on the show.

Also in 2001, Tucker did a TV movie called My Husband My Killer. Although I don't think she was the one with the killer husband.

From 2007 to 2009, Tucker was in McLeod's Daughters. We didn't see that season, although I did watch clips from the show before we starting watching it from the beginning. I might have seen her. Tucker played Grace McLeod.

Really. Jack must have been a bigger fan than I had ever imagined. Just to test him, I asked who Abi Tucker had played on the show. He knew! He does have a phenomenal memory though.

Lord Wiki says Grace was the youngest daughter of Hugh. Who was Hugh? Would he be the uncle of Tess and Claire?

This video has an interview with Tucker regarding the show.

She said she auditioned for the role because she liked the character. I didn't know actors knew much about the characters before they auditioned.

Tucker is asked how she's similar to Grace. She says they're both impulsive.

Here's a fansite about Tucker. Maybe it will have something interesting and/or useful.

It says that, in October, Tucker was in Germany helping some other singer with her tour. Melanie Safka? I've never heard of her. Is she Australian too?

Nope. American.

This past winter Tucker was in a play called Poor Boy. It was at the Sydney Theater Company. It's about reincarnation, so it might be something I'd like. Maybe? Oh! Guy Pearce was in it too.

Well, I'm going to be bad. I'm not feeling so great right now, and kind of just want to rest and not think too much.

SO....I think I'm going to watch a few videos of Tucker singing and then I'm going to end this.

If anyone wants to help me along by providing brilliant info and insight into Tucker, please do so. I'd appreciate it.

Here's a song called Speak, My Angel. I didn't much like that song.

I like this one better....Hey You. The video has scenes of her on McLeod's Daughters.

Maybe I'm too tired to listen to music as well.


P.S- I'm a bit worried about all the Sydney people. Please drink a lot and try to stay cool!

I'm also worried about any of you that might be in fire-danger areas. Please stay safe! I hope the weather decides to become a bit more reasonable.


  1. 43 degrees Celsius in the Inner West ... feeling no pain with the air con going ... my heart goes out to others not as blessed!

  2. Redness,

    I'm glad you have AC. And I hope the weather is better today for those who don't!

  3. Abi Tucker played a detective on the ABC series WILDSIDE back in the late 90s. Her character was linked romantically to Alex Dimitriades in that show.

    You'd probably know Melanie Safka's most popular songs the moment you heard 'em. Australian Max Sharam had a #1 a few years back with Safka's "Lay Down, Candles in the Rain".

  4. Ramesh,

    Thanks for the info : )

    I probably would recognize her songs....

  5. think i saw her in new show the straits on abc 8:30 thursdays great show been trying to find out if it is her been ratling my brain plays the ex of one of the main cast her house got shot at (drive by)

  6. Anonymous,

    I don't see her on IMDb for the Straits. But IMDb doesn't catch I don't know?

    What do you mean by your brain plays the ex?????