Sunday, November 22, 2009

Bridie Carter

It's another soap opera person.

I'm having fun with these, but I'll probably be ready to say good-bye in a few days. I have a mystery name tomorrow. Then after that is a Prime Minister.

Bridie Carter was on McLeod's Daughters. She played Tess McLeod. Tess was a city girl who returned to her father's farm after he died.

I remember reading that she was also on Dancing with the Stars. Or maybe it was So You Think You Can Dance. I don't know. How many dance shows are out there?

All right. I guess I shall begin my research.

Baby Bridie was born on 18 December 1970. Her thirty-ninth birthday is coming up. She's a little bit older than me. I like finding beautiful woman who are older than me. It makes me feel hopeful and inspired.

Carter did the National Institute of Dramatic Art. NIDA is the same place that pretty much every Australian actor under the sun went to: Simon Baker, Cate Blanchett, Toni Collette, Emilie de Ravin, Hugo Weaving..... Okay, maybe I exaggerate a little. Still. Their alumni list is pretty impressive.

I'm going to use IMDb for the filmography stuff. But Lord Wiki does provide a few interesting extras.

When it was announced that McLeod's Daughters would be canceled, Carter did an interview. Now she herself was no longer part of the cast. But I guess she had stuff to say. I've actually read this before, and I think I mentioned it on the Nathan Foley post. Let's just say Carter kind of alludes to the fact that things might not have been all happy happy on the McLeod's Daughters set. Now the producer of that show was also the producer of Nathan Foley's Hi-5 show. Both Foley and Carter seem unhappy with their previous employers. It's not hard for me to make certain assumptions.

Carter has had a history of alcoholism, but it seems she's been sober for quite awhile. That's good.

She and her husband own a restaurant in Byron Bay. Cool! I wonder what kind of restaurant it is.

Okay. Now I'm on IMDb.

Before Carter graduated from NIDA (probably even before she went to NIDA period). she guest-starred on a TV show called G.P. Have I written about this show before? It sound familar.

Carter was on the show in 1989. She graduated from NIDA in 1994. I'm wondering how the acting bug bit her? Did she want to become an actress, and tried the guest-starring route? Or was getting the role a total fluke; then she liked it, and decided to pursue acting?

In 1997, Carter played one of those not-even-worth-a-name characters in a miniseries called Simone de Beauvoir's Babies. She played the role of Dating Agent.  Sonia Todd, her future McLeod's Daughters co-star was in the show as well.

Also in 1997, Carter was in that TV movie which featured Rebecca Gibney. Kangaroo Palace. This time, at least, Carter's character had a name. She played Dianne.

In the next few years, Carter did a few guest spots on TV shows. I'm going to skip over those.

In 1999, she did a movie called Fresh Air. Her name is high up in the credits, so maybe we can assume she had a fairly substantial role in this. I found a trailer for a movie with that name. But they have American accents, so I'm guessing it's not the right Fresh Air.

Also that year....She was in Envy with Abi Tucker. I wrote about that recently. Was it yesterday? I think so. My mind is muddled.

In 2000, Carter got herself a role on a TV show. This was Above the Law. She did thirty-five episodes. It was about people who live in an apartment building above a police station. Oh, cute little word play there.

In 2001, Carter got together again with Abi Tucker. This was for that TV movie My Husband My Killer.

2001 was also the year that Carter began working on McLeod's Daughters. She was on until 2006. She was nominated multiple times for a Silver Logie, but it looks like she never won.

I just remembered something. There was actually a McLeod's Daughters movie or miniseries before the TV show. We tried watching it, but it was too weird seeing other actors in the roles. Here is is. It came out in 1996.

Anyway, back to the show I know and love. Here's the first few minutes of the very first episode. Ah, it brings back memories. Carter appears at about 2:00.

We never got past the second season. What happened was we were getting the videos mailed to us from Blockbuster. Then the next season was being held prisoner by another Blockbuster user. We waited and waited. Jack then decided he didn't want to watch the next season. We all knew what happened to Claire and Brick. I think he decided that it was all too sad. I kind of agree with him.

I've seen bits and pieces of the later seasons on YouTube; so I pretty much know what happens to everyone. Although I actually can't remember what happened to Tess. Did she end up with Nick?

Anyway, the other reason we didn't continue watching is, it seemed to me, the show jumped the shark a bit. From what I could see, the first two seasons were the best. Some may argue with me on that.

Here's a very sad scene from McLeod's Daughters. I just watched five seconds of it, and I'm already crying.

Shit. I'm a snotty mess now.

Since I'm already crying, I might as well make things worse. This video features a song and scenes from one of the episodes that was the saddest for me. It was when Tess felt she was no longer needed and returned to Adelaide to work at a cafe. Meanwhile Claire's life was secretly falling apart. But she had too much pride to ask Tess to stay.

Actually, I'm not 100% sure the song was in that episode.

 I'm pretty sure it was though.

It wasn't all sad. Tess had some happy moments. One of my favorites is when she buys a dairy cow. I think she named her Madonna. She ended up with tons of milk, and then made this huge Indian dairy-oriented meal. It was cute.

In 2007, Carter did Dancing with the Stars. Here's a video from that.

I just thought of another person that Carter reminds me of. Jennifer from Days of our Lives. What's that actresses name?

Ah! Melissa Reeves.

I also remember seeing an interview with Naomi Watts, and she had reminded me of Carter as well.

Oh cool. The Dancing with the Stars thing has a Lost Boys song. It's the one with Jimmy Barnes and INXS.

I'm going to read the IMDb Trivia/bio page.

 Carter was born in Melbourne. She has two younger brothers.

One issue she's involved with is Asylum Seekers. She's a member of an organization called Actors for Refugees. Although I don't see her on their list of supporters. Perhaps she got involved after they updated their list. I don't know.

IMDb says she has been acting since the age of six. So I'm guessing it was something she wanted to do for a long time.

Carter has a son. He was born in 2005.

Here's a fansite about Carter. It says Carter is part of an organization called One Water. It's an organization that helps the many people people in the world who don't have access to clean water. I'm not having much luck finding a website for this organization, but they do have a Facebook page.

It looks like they make most of their money by selling bottled water. I don't know. They're doing a good and important thing for the world, but bottled water is so bad for the environment.

All right. I found their actual website, and I'll give them credit. They do talk about the bottled water issue. They seem to understand it's not great for the environment, and they do what they can to lesson the carbon footprint. They also say, We do not recommend people choose bottled water over tap water, where tap water is available as it has a lower carbon footprint. They say their bottled water is for people to use when safe tap water is not available. They're providing a more ethical alternative. I can give them credit for that. I mean we still sometimes use bottled water. We did so in Disney World. For the most part, I used my lovely reusable purple bottle. But we also had a small supply of water bottles that we used throughout the week.

Carter has a blog on some shopping website. Is she trying to sell something? Well, it would be past tense. In August, she wrote a good-bye post.

She says NYC is one of her favorite cities. It's one of my favorite cities too. I dreamed about it last night.

She's working on a new movie...a romantic comedy. This is I Love You Too.

It really sounds like she enjoyed blogging and talking with her fans. She seems very....uh, responsive? She reminds me of Allison Sweeney from Days of our Lives. Sweeney is pretty interactive with her fans.

Carter says her own wedding was four weeks after Tess's wedding on McLeod's Daughters. That's pretty funny.

In this entry, she gives sweet and caring advice to one of her fans. Please try not to stress, Sandra - I hope things are not too difficult for you at the moment. I can get really stressed too - especially when I am so busy. Hot shower or a bath or some exercise or a good chat with a girlfriend can do wonders!

I'm finding myself liking this Bridie Carter. She actually reminds me a lot of Tess McLeod.

That entry gives the name of her restaurant in Byron Bay. It's called Bayside Dining Traditional Thai. This patron gives the website rave reviews.

This McLeod's Daughters fansite has a copy of a TV Week interview with Carter. This was done in 2007. It MIGHT be the one where she alludes to negativity within the show.

Carter says, And the show has gone a different way. It's very different from the kind of show when I started. From what she says there, it seems maybe things were okay in the beginning.

This is interesting. She talks about disagreeing with her character's actions. I guess the directors had different ideas than she did. It's regarding the so-called death of her boyfriend Nick. Carter says...I thought Tess's grief journey was slightly unbelievable. Then later she says, As an actor, if you don't believe it yourself, how does the audience believe it? Yeah, so that was a bit of a struggle for me, I have to say.

I think she has a good point there.

This wasn't the interview that Lord Wiki mentioned though. This website might have it. It has excerpts from a bunch of Carter interviews. No wait. They don't have the interview. They have a bunch of other goodies. I might look back at it in a minute.

Okay.  Here's the article though about Carter dissing McLeod's Daughters. She says I don't want to mar McLeod's, but not everything was as it appears. I find it strange that not one of the original cast members is left. Perhaps they should have tried harder to keep people.

Wow. Drama behind the drama.

Certain people from the show weren't too happy to hear her say that. Someone responded with, Bridie is completely up herself and everyone was thrilled to see the back of her when she left the show. But I can't believe she's bagging the program that made her famous - there's no way she would have even been on Dancing without it. Good luck to her, she's an absolute nightmare.

Well, maybe Bridie Carter is one of the elements that helped make McLeod's Daughters so successful. Maybe they should be thankful to each other. I think it's kind of a circular thing.

There's two sides to every story. I'm sure, in this one, there's not one side that's all good or all bad. But I'm personally leaning more towards Carter's side.

Okay, back to the fansite with the interviews......

It doesn't have the whole interview, but little excerpts from them. I'll read and see if there's anything that pops out at me.

In a 2001 interview, Carter says, I’m so excited about shooting McLeod’s Daughters in South Australia during the hot, early months of the year. I love the heat and those long, hot days.

Wow. Really? I don't like hot days. Nor do I like cold days. I like perfect weather days. I'm picky.

She loves coffee.

One day she had bad dreams about her ex-boyfriend. Interesting......

She likes hanging out in bookstores, and she likes buying music.

In 2003 she said positive stuff about being on the show. I guess the bad stuff happened later? Or maybe it was already bad, but she still wanted to stay. Maybe she didn't want to speak up because she might get fired. Then once she left, she felt comfortable being honest.

Anyway, that's probably enough celebrity gossip for today. I'm going to go off and feel sorry for myself because I'm still a bit ill. Hopefully, by the time I post this I'll be feeling healthy again.


  1. Hi Dina,

    I hope you feel better!

    I just wanted to thank you for your soap posts lately, I have really enjoyed them. I am a big fan of Australia and lots of their tv-shows, even though I am probably too old for some of them (H&A...) I think Kate Ritchie is fab, and also the McLeod's girls. My girlfriend and I want to be cowgirls in Australia (preferably Drovers) when we grow up, that is if we can convince our husbands to come... Wanna join?

  2. Grethe,

    Thank you so much! I appreciate that. I've been feeling a lot better.

    I think it would be awesome to join you and your friends as cowgirls on Drovers....although I'd probably fall off the horse or something.

  3. Hey dina , diana here frm malaysia!! Wierd i am a malaysian who's obsessed woith bridie cater and because of her i'm obsessed with aussie!! This is wht i discribe her character...... Her great big bush of golden hair like an over grown puppy!! Her grrenish bluish eyes tht shines and sparkle like the ocean under the moonlight .... Her sleves unravelled ... Her jeans don up with safety pins ... But of all the females in mcleods daughters.... She 's my cow girl yeeee hawwwww!!!! But i'm only 17

  4. Michala66,

    Hi Diana!

    I love how you describe Bridie Carter. So much passion!

    1. Omgad u replied I didn't knw haha i'm 21 now lol anyway hey r u on Mcleod's daughters fan page on facebook? Well here's my face book (Dianawoodforweed) .. N join our family if u haven't join their page mate ...

  5. I just got into the show, and was wondering if Bridie came back, but apparently not. Then I read while she was on DWTS she snubbed the show? Very disappointing. I mean I have watched 146 episodes on Netflix and would like to believe they got along like on the show, they seem like a family. Is the article just nuts? I mean her and Lisa were amazing, and I really felt for them and don't want to believe Bridie is "up on herself" makes me sad. Kinda taints my image of Tess now.

  6. PS: if it helps I have always been obsessed with New Zealand. Maybe we can make a career out of it.

  7. Lschinaia,


    Cool about your New Zealand obsession. How did that start? Is that why you starting watching McLeod's?

    I've wondered if Bridie Carter had reason to snub the show. There's always two sides to every story. And it could be both sides have their share of blame.

    It is sad to hear that TV shows casts aren't like family and/or best friends.

    I read Portia De Rossi's biography a few months ago. She talks about feeling pretty alienated from the cast of Ally McBeal. The cast was pleasant towards her...for the most part. But she was never able to develop any friendships. It kind of burst an unrealistic ideal I had in my head. I always imagined that people on TV shows were close-knit.