Saturday, November 14, 2009

Charles Firth

Maybe Charles Firth is related to Colin Firth. I saw him (Colin) on Jay Leno last weekend. Jay Leno asked him to sing his favorite ABBA song...well, since he was in Mamma Mia. Colin Firth refused. I was disappointed about that. Michelle Obama was on that episode as well. I thought she was delightful. I like her sense of humor.

As for Mr. Charles Firth. Who could he be?

Well, I'm not going to learn about the former coach at Virginia Tech. Nor will I read about the British historian. Instead I'm going to read about the Australian comedian.

Oh! He's a Chaser! This should be fun.

Although he may not be related to Colin, he is related to Verity. Verity Firth is in government. She's the Minister for Education and Training, and she's the Minister for Women. So if I moved to Australia, she'd be MY minister. I'm a woman.

Verity and Charles are siblings. Cute!

Lord Wiki doesn't want to tell me when Charles Firth was born. Nor will he tell me when his sister was born. Why the secrecy? What are they trying to hide? I'm very suspicious.

Firth went to Sydney Grammar School. This is the same school that the McMahons went to, and also Bud Tingwell, Baz Luhrmann, Banjo Patterson, and other famous people. I guess it's a boy school. I see no female people on their celebrity list.

While at school, Firth helped run a satirical magazine called Tiger. He did this with Dominic Knight and Chas Licciardello. They became Chasers too. Lord Wiki gives me their years of birth. 1977. I'm going to assume that Firth was born around that time too. He could have been a few years older or younger, but I think we can get a general idea.

Firth went to the University of Sydney. He helped edit a student newspaper called Honi Soit.
The newspaper's website says the editors are elected by the student body. Is that how most school newspaper editors are chosen?

I think you can download the newspaper. I'm trying to do that now. I have so many downloads on my computer. I need to go through them someday and delete the ones I no longer need.

In 1997, Firth stepped through a glass window to protest university fees. I might be misreading something. Was his stepping through glass a form of protest? Or was he at a protest, and ACCIDENTALLY stepped through glass?

Also, while at school, Firth was featured in a documentary film called Uni. The Green Left website has an article about it. The article mentions a Charles. I guess this could be Charles Firth. They say he's a political science student, and member of the Labor Left on campus. It seems the program was mostly about university politics, but they threw in a little romance as well.

Honi Soit finally downloaded. This is so cool. I can read the whole thing. If I like it, I can download other issues.

In 2003 and 2004, Firth was on a program called CNNNN...obviously a parody of CNN. Although Lord Wiki says it was a parody of that, AND Fox News. It stood for Chasers Nonstop News Network. They're slogan was We report. You believe. This was a parody of Fox's slogan which is We report. You decide. I'd say the slogan of CNNNN is much more accurate! I'm reading about the show. It looks hilarious. I hope YouTube has some of it.

Firth's role in the show was a character like Bill O'Reilly. So I'm pretty sure I'd like it. Stephen Colbert parodies the same thing, and I love his show. I haven't watched it in a LONG time though. I don't know why.

Awesome! YouTube does have some CNNN stuff.

This video about the threat of refugees is great....very funny. It's scary in some ways though because it hits so close to the truth. I think the right-leaning folks actually believe these things.

This one has a great line. I'm not going to listen to you until you shut up.

Here's a segment about Iraq. I love the map scene.

This video is about executives. I liked it a little less...just because my YouTube kept freezing. That's a pain. Humor is lost a bit when things keep pausing.

In 2006, Firth moved to America. From there, he did a segment of The Chasers War on Everything called "Firth in America".

I'll watch some clips on that.

This one is great. Firth tries to prevent America from losing it's place as the most obese country. I guess this is before Australia went and beat us. Are they still number one, or is America back up on top?

I like this segment less. It's about why African Americans are cool. I'd retitle it "Why SOME African-Americans are NOT Cool". It's just my opinion. I just don't like that type of culture...whether it comes from white or black people. I'm totally fine though if it comes from blue people. I think it's lovely when blue people are materialistic and fashion-obsessed. It's just not attractive in white and black people.

Here's a segment about America and our love for freedom. Memo to those of you who are not blessed enough to be American. America is the ONLY free country out there. Yep. There you go. Sorry to break it to you.

Two things I hear from Republicans:

A) America is the best country in the world because we're free.
B) Everyone in the world wishes they were American.

When I try to talk to them about countries like Sweden, France, Australia, etc....they get a bit flustered.

This segment is about September 11. I'm having a hard time believing these interviewed people are being honest. If this is true....Well, I don't know WHAT to say.

Here's a continuation of the Freedom video. At the end of that video, Firth gave a towel/blanket to one of the people he interviewed. This guy turned it around and gave it to an old woman. He was trying to be nice...generous. He got a gift. He didn't want it. He passed it on. Then Firth tries to get the towel back. He tells the woman it was all just pretend, blah, blah, blah. She refuses to give it back.

I am TOTALLY on the women's side. Who was to know it was supposed to be pretend, and not a real gift? I think Firth acted like a total asshole here. Maybe he was joking...and it's all part of the show. I hope so. To me, he just looked cheap, rude, and greedy.

Now why this woman wants the ugly towel....I have no idea.

I've seen this video before, but I'm going to watch it again. It's about Outback Steakhouse.

Lord Wiki says at one point, Firth tormented the Westboro Baptist Church. Good. If anyone deserved tormenting, it's these people.

It looks like YouTube has that video as well. These Westboro people carry around signs that say things like Fags Doom Nations, and Thank God for Dead Soldiers. Yes. What a message of love. Their website URL is I can't believe that people like this actually exist. But I guess they do.

As for personal stuff.....Firth is married, and has a son.

That's about it for Lord Wiki.

Firth wrote a book. It's called American Hoax.

In the book, Firth pretends to be five different characters.

Here's a trailer of the book. I think it's funny when books have trailers. I watched the Duma Key one recently. The American Hoax one seems to be just clips from the Firth in America thing.

Don Romeo, a comedian blogger, went to Firth's wedding. His post about it is from April 2004. So I'm guessing that's about the time he got married. This is before he went to America. I wonder if the wife came with him.

From what I read, it sounds like a typical wedding...well, besides the signs that said No Paparazzi. The groom participated in jokes about preferring to be somewhere else. The bride was admired. The bride hugged her parents and cried. Stuff was read aloud. People said funny things.... Yeah. When it comes down to it, all weddings are pretty much alike.

Firth has some kind of thing called Manic Studios. They make videos. Okay. I guess that's why they call it a studio.

Their website confuses me. I can't tell what is serious and what's a joke. It's probably because I'm American. I've partaken in one too many Bloomin Onions. Why didn't someone tell me that wasn't authentic Australian food. But really. Should I take the word of a guy who tries to steal beach towels from old ladies?

I sadly agree with the majority of Australians who say bad things about America. But some of it goes too far though...borders on the ridiculous. Recently, I was informed that certain Australians were saying that Richard Heene is a typical representation of Americans. Yeah. Here's a deal. You stop saying we're all like Richard Heene, and I won't go around saying Australians are like Corey Worthington.

The typical American is NOT putting their children in danger just so they can have their fifteen minutes of fame. Well, okay. Tim and I had PLANNED to do it. We had the balloon ready and everything. Then the damn Heene family stole our thunder. Worst of all, their kids are half-Asian as well. That totally sucks. I mean if they were white or something, Tim and I could have been the first Asian-Caucasian family to cause such an ordeal. Ah, but we are out of luck.

Back to the website. I like their email address. It's I think most websites should use something like that!

They have a few videos on their site. Maybe I'll watch. Before that though....I'm trying to figure out whether Firth was involved with the whole terminally ill children fiasco. Lord Wiki says Firth is a FORMER member, so I'm guessing maybe not. Yeah, I think they did it without him.

My opinion of The Chasers? They're typical assholes. Sometimes they're hilarious, and sometimes they go too far and are offensive. The catch is what I find offensive might be hilarious to someone else, and vice versa.

And I do find it ridiculous that Firth spent all that time on a project regarding America. Why spend so much time and effort on a country that you don't even belong to? That's crazy. Only a complete loser would do that.

Oh yeah. Back to the videos.

The first one is FUNNY. It's making fun of my fellow Americans again. Rude rude rude. But I can't tell if the guy is really American. His accent is a bit off. He might be an Australian faking it. Although Australians are usually good at faking American accents. What's probably the truth is the guy IS American. I've just become so used of fake American accents. I can't recognize the real thing anymore.

The video is about beer. It reminds me of a story I haven't told you guys yet....probably. Maybe I did. Tim and I were watching Flash Forward. A German guy was talking to Joseph Fiennes (who fakes an American accent for the show). The German insulted America. I forgot what his first line was....something about the atrocities we've caused. Joseph Fiennes responded with a little joke. Tim and I couldn't tell what he said. We had to rewind it. But even then we couldn't agree. Tim thinks he described America as Also the home of Brittany Spears. I thought he said Also the home of weak beer. Tim is probably right, but I like my line better.

The next video is about private and public school funding. It's interesting, but I wasn't laughing much.

None of the other videos look that interesting to me. I'm going to see if I can find any more fun stuff on YouTube.

Here's one with Firth interviewing American tourists. American tourists in America, or American tourists in Australia? I'll watch and find out.

Holy shit. That is SCARY! I want to say I've never met an American that's so dumb, but maybe I just didn't ask the right questions.

Does Firth not find any intelligent Americans? Or does he find them, and edit them out?

Here's Firth explaining Aussie elections to Americans. After that, he should try to explain American elections to Americans.

This video is about Muslims in America. It's scary. Like most of the videos, it makes Americans look like horrible people. And I DO believe there are horrible Americans. I just see this as very manipulative film-making. Firth is making fun of bigotry in America, but what he's doing promotes bigotry as well. Now we could argue that it's just a joke. Ha ha. We shouldn't take it seriously. HOWEVER, I have encountered a few Australians who really do see Americans in a very negative light. How did they get that way? I don't know. Did they have bad personal experiences with Americans? Maybe. Did they read a lot of books about America to get an informed opinion? Did they visit America and have a horrible time? Did they watch an American sitcom and assume that's how we all truly are? Or did they watch stuff like David Firth in America and assume this was some kind of absolute truth? If latter is true, are these individuals any better than the ignorant Americans interviewed by Firth?

I'm going to watch one more video and quit. I'll just say I'd be more impressed with Firth if he balanced his stupid Americans with some smart ones. Now perhaps he never FOUND any smart ones. I'd say he didn't look hard enough. If he did look hard enough, and STILL didn't find any....well, shame on us.

Ah! I spoke too soon. That last video featured some people who didn't appear to be completely least they seemed clued in to the humor of the question.