Thursday, February 11, 2010

Indiana Evans

I have no earthly idea who Indiana Evans is. I'm not even going to venture a guess.

Okay. Here we go.....

Lord Wiki says she's an actress.

She's on the TV show H20: Just Add Water. I think Tim and/or I watched that the first time we visited Australia. I can't say we were too impressed. It's crazy that I can't remember if it was me who watched it or not. I definitely remember Tim saying he thought it was awful. But I kind of remember seeing part of it too. But I don't remember watching it with him. Maybe we saw it at separate times.

Baby Indiana was born in Sydney on 27 July 1990. At that time, I think my sister had recently awoken from her coma. That's on my mind because she had surgery yesterday...not 1990-incident related. It was a minor surgery, but she had a bad reaction to the anesthesia, and that was a bit traumatic. I think it brought up some bad memories for people...especially my parents.

Lord Wiki says that Evans showed interest in performing from the age of five. She'd perform for family and friends. Don't all kids do that? My younger sister and I did! We were too shy for huge crowds though. I think we just did it for our grandparents...maybe sometimes my parents.

When Evans was seven, she started dance lessons. That reminds me of my other sister. She was really into dancing....quite good at it too.

Evans started playing percussion when she was ten. I guess that would be drums?

If I'm understanding Lord Wiki right, Indiana Evans joined an agency when she was ten. With this she did modeling and TV commercials.

I'm going to leave the filmography stuff for IMDb. I'll just skip ahead to the personal info that Lord Wiki provides.

She's a middle child like me. She has a younger brother and an older sister.

She has a cat named Meemo.

She has dated some of her co-stars.

Her favorite singers are Beyonce and Delta Goodrem.

Her favorite actresses are Cate Blanchett and Cameron Diaz.

Her favorite movie is Charlie's Angels.

Let's move on.

According to IMDb, Evan's first television appearance (excluding commercials) was in All Saints. This was in 2003, so she would have been about thirteen then. She guest-starred in one episode, called "Destiny's Child". In that episode, Paula found out she was pregnant. I have no idea who Paula is. I don't watch the show. I usually don't research one episode appearances, but Evan's filmography is nice and short. I feel I have the time to dig a little deeper...ah, but not too deep.

That same year, Evans got a role on a TV show. I've never heard of it. It's called Snobs. It was on only 2003-2004. The show is about the friendship between a wealthy girl (played by Evans) and a boy from a nomadic family.

It makes sense to me that the show lasted only one year. How could they continue it really? It wouldn't be right. If the family stayed so the kids could continue their friendship, they wouldn't really be nomads anymore.

I'm wondering if maybe I HAVE encountered this show before. A few months ago, I did this thing of watching clips from various Australian TV shows. I remember one with a family living in a tent. I think a truck almost ran them over? But it may have been something else.

Here's a trailer for the TV Show. Don't watch the whole thing. The end has this flickering that's likely to cause a seizure in some people. The show looks pretty good though. Youtube has a lot of clips from the show, but they all seem to be in German.

From 2004 to 2008, Evans was in Home and Away. She played a girl named Matilda Hunter. This Home and Away site has Matilda's story.

She has a twin brother named Henry. Her parents owned a caravan park, and took Matilda out of boarding school because they ran low on money. That's how she ended up in Home and Away land. It sounds like she was a bit of a brat when she first appeared.

At one point, she got electrocuted by a mosquito catcher. Oops. She decided to pretend the accident gave her psychic powers. She scammed a few people. Oh, naughty Matilda!

Later she developed a crush on a guy named Kim. Kim was six years older than Matilda, and not interested. One day, they were at the beach. Matilda got caught in a rip and started to drown. Kim, at first, refused to help her. He thought she was faking it for attention. The poor girl ended up in the hospital. Although really I guess she was lucky to be alive. In the hospital, Kim told Matilda he had no feelings for her. Tough break, kid.

Matilda's parents hit a rough patch. Matilda and some others tried to push them back together. It didn't work.

Oh, this is sad. We're back to Kim again. Matilda heard Kim talking to her brother Robbie. He admitted to having feelings for Robbie's sister. Of course, Matilda assumed it was she that he liked. Then she found out it was her sister Kit he was interested in.

It sounds like Matilda had a rough time finding a boyfriend. She had a thing for a guy named Diesel, but he wanted Sally Fletcher. Is that the Katie Richie character? Yeah. Okay. I thought so. I just googled to confirm.

Eventually, Matilda found a boy who was mutually attracted to her. This was Lucas. They were together for awhile, and then broke up.

Matilda got chosen to be a bridesmaid. I don't think that role is ever that fun, but it's especially not fun when the wedding is blown up. Matilda was burned and had to spend time in the hospital. Soap opera folks are so frequently injured.

It looks like she had a bulimia thing going on for awhile.

Then she had a relationship with a guy named Ric. It seems she lost her virginity to him.

What else?

Matilda's mom was killed in a horrific car crash.

Oh, I'm sorry. I'm getting a little bored. And it's hard for me to keep up. Let me just fast forward to her exit. Why did she leave?

Well, it looks like she left on a happy note. She got back together with Ric. I guess they had separated for awhile.

Here's a fan video about Matilda. Indiana Evans is beautiful. I'll give her that. And I like all the clothes she wears that shows off her breasts. I like breasts. I'm not even a lesbian. But I'm so mesmerized by them.

Oh. Here's Evan's first episode. She's cute as a young teenage brat. I can't blame her for being mad that her mom bought the caravan park with her stepdad. And I feel bad that she has to leave her boarding school. What kind of reaction did her mom expect? Oh....okay, Mom. That's fine. I'm happy to change schools and leave all my friends. No, it's not the worst thing that happens to kids. But it's still pretty hard.

Here's Matilda/Indiana singing the National Anthem. I think she's cute there.

And here's a van montage video about her bulimia. The guy at 1:31 kind of reminds me of that guy from Boy Meets World.

When soap opera characters have an eating disorder, how do they get the actors thin enough to portray them? I wonder if any actor has developed an eating disorder from playing someone who has one. Thinness is such an addiction. Last night I found more of my old photos. My plan was to look at them so I'd remember how gross I looked. Instead I found myself wishing I could look that way again.

It's such a damn mess.

Evans left Home and Away in 2008. In 2009, she was in a TV movie called A Model Daughter: The Killing of Caroline Byrne. That sounds vaguely familar to me. But I don' t see any names in the credits that I recognize. Maybe I heard of Caroline Byrne herself. Lord Wiki says she was a model that was found at the bottom of a cliff.

Oh. This is weird. Evans played someone named Kylie Watson. I looked up that name, and she's an actress from Home and Away.

No, this is weirder than weird. Not only did Evans portray someone who starred on the same TV show she was on. But Kylie Watson herself was in the Caroline Byrne movie. My head is spinning right now.

The Ten website confirms what IMDb says. It turns out that Watson was a friend of Byrne. So that's why her character is in the movie. And I guess she also wanted to star in the movie about her friend's life and death. I can imagine that would be incredibly difficult. Maybe it was somewhat cathartic though? I don't know.

Evans started working on H20: Just Add Water in 2009. The show itself premiered in 2006.

Lord Wiki has a lot to say about the show.....

Indiana Evans sings the theme song. But before she was on the show, someone else sang the song.

The plot involves three girls whose lives change when they turn into mermaids. It reminds me a little bit of Charmed. Evan's character Bella wasn't one of the original three. But she too is a mermaid. Bella has the power to turn water into a gelatine like substance. And sometimes she can turn it into a complete solid. Wow. Still, I'd rather have Piper's power of freezing time.

I guess Tim and I are alone in our dislike of the show. It won the Logie award for best children's show in 2009. And it was nominated in 2007 and 2008.

Bella isn't just a mermaid with magic powers. She also sings. Here's a clip. Do the other kids know they're mermaids, or is it a big secret?

For some reason, Indiana Evans kind of reminds me of Arielle in Medium. Maybe it's the eyes? Her facial expressions? I don't know.

Okay. I just read closer. Lord Wiki says that their powers ARE secret.

That's what I think is so brilliant about True Blood. It differs from most other supernatural stories because the vampires have come OUT of the closet. It adds a refreshing new dimension to the genre.

Evans is set to star in a 2010 Science Fiction movie. Arctic Blast. It's about a solar eclipse causing a new ice-age. That sounds exciting.

Here's a whole Indiana Evans fansite for those who are interested.

This article says that Evans had someone pretending to be her on Twitter. I'm sure there are a lot of fake celebrities on Twitter. There's also probably real celebrities who are assumed to be fake. I bet there are even celebrities pretending to be people who are not celebrities. That's one of the reasons I stay away from Twitter. It's too confusing.

Well, I think I'm done. I'm not finding anything exciting on Google......

I think I might walk to the library....uh, not to find information about Indiana Evans. I need to get some new books to read.


  1. U shold watch and a little more about her. She's not the most famous in astralia, but she IS a good actress. She also have something you and many others dont: guts!!!