Sunday, April 18, 2010

Poppy Montgomery

I think I saw Poppy Montgomery, a few weeks ago on IMDb, when I was researching someone else. So I'm guessing he or she is an actor.


Lord Wiki says she was on Without a Trace. I must have seen her on the day I wrote about Anthony LaPaglia.

Baby Poppy was born in Sydney on 19 June 1972. Her birthday is a day before my wedding anniversary. And she's five months older than me. We're pretty much the same age.

Montgomery's mum is an executive, and her dad is in the restaurant business. They named their daughters after flowers. That's cute.

Montgomery attended the Ascham School. It's a girl's school in the Eastern Suburbs, and it has no religious affiliation.

Lord Wiki says the school follows something called the Dalton Plan. He lists some of the schools that follow this philosophy. One of them is the Dalton School in New York City. I did volunteer work there. It was when I first decided I might want to be a teacher. I found schools that I could do work at....get some experience. I don't remember how I chose Dalton. Anyway, their website has a fairly good description of the Dalton philosophy. Although it kind of looks like what most schools would say they strive for. There's nothing really mind-boggling or original there.

Montgomery has a boyfriend; Adam Kaufman. He's American. The two have a son together. Little Jackson is about two-years-old now.

I'm going to jump on over to IMDb now for career stuff.

Montgomery's first screen appearance happened in 1994. This was the TV show Silk Stalkings. She played Angel in a two part episode. Lord Wiki says the show was an American detective show dealing with sex crimes.

Here's a scene from Montgomery's episode. I'm not really sure which woman is her. Maybe it's the young one. Okay. Yeah. It is. I can relate to her not being able to identify the criminal. I'm so bad at describing people, and I'm not really great at remembering faces. I don't think I could ever give a good description to a police artist.

Also in 1994, Montgomery had a bit part in a science fiction comedy called Tammy and the T-Rex. She played Party Girl #1.

I didn't expect to find a good video for this, but it seems like a fan of Montgomery's has uploaded her part in the movie.

Montgomery reminds me of Judy Garland. I think she kind of looks like her there.

In 1995, Montgomery did a TV movie called Jake Lassiter: Justice on the Bayou. I thought it was a true story thing, but this film site says it's based on a fiction series about a football player turned detective.

On Another World, there was a guy named Jake who came from the town of Lassiter. I liked him.

Also in 1995, Montgomery appeared in the Denzel Washington movie Devil in a Blue Dress. Montgomery played Barbara's sister. Who's Barbara? I don't know.

In 1996, Montgomery did an episode of Party of Five. I don't usually mention one time guest appearances, but I really like that show. I'm happy for any excuse to think or talk about it.

Here's part of the episode. I'm not sure if I'll see Montgomery. Her character is being talked about though. It seems she's someone that Julia is jealous of. She's a friend of Julia's boyfriend.

Now I'm seeing Matthew Fox. I think his character in this was very similar to his character in Lost.

Lacey Chabert is adorable. Uh oh. Why is Charlie's woman making dinner plans with another man? What's going on?!

I guess that's Montgomery at 4:28. She's doing an unAmerican accent. I'm not sure if it's supposed to be Australian though. Earlier they mentioned England in association with her. Although I guess she could be playing an Australian who moved to England.

I like that scene. The story starts with Julia being jealous of her boyfriend's female friend. Then they bond over something that annoys them both about the guy. They become friends, and the guy is left out.

I was jealous of Tim's female friend that came to live with us. It was hard on me. There were times I thought it might work....bonding moments. But in the end, the experiment failed, and she fled. I'm beginning to think that situations like that CAN work, but only if the two females or two males really get on well with each other. Then there can be a happy threesome. Otherwise....nope. It's gonna be a mess.

Here's part 2 of the show. Another Montgomery bit is at 1:23. She's definitely sounding more British than Australian. Although maybe I'm just saying that because she mentioned pounds. The girls are still bonding. The boy is not happy, and feels left out. It seems he wanted to have two girls fighting over him....that little ego boost. It's not working out the way he wanted.

Oh no! Claudia did a major naughty. Bad Claudia!

I'm getting it now. I think Montgomery's character is a lesbian. I see it at about 6:22. That would make the threesome work in an interesting way. It kind of reminds me of this trip I took to Atlanta in college. I went with my best friend who was gay, and this other guy who had a crush on me. I had a crush on my best friend. He had his eyes on the second guy. The second guy had his eyes on me. It was actually more of a circle than a triangle.

Yeah. This is a definitely a lesbian episode.

Oh, this is so sad. Poor Allison. She confesses her attraction to Julia, and then is all ashamed and embarrassed.

I recently found out one of my best friends in high school is a lesbian. I'm so vain. The main thing I'm wondering is whether she had a crush on me or not. I'd feel a little rejected if she told me she hadn't. Why? Why? What's wrong with me? Well, there's probably a lot of things. But that's besides the point. I like to IMAGINE she had feelings for me. I need those delusional ego boosts. Although if she told me her feelings back then, I would have probably been a little freaked out. I think I was somewhat homophobic in those days. I mean I was never anti-gay. It was fine for OTHER people, but I was scared of being gay myself. I wouldn't have wanted to know that a girl liked me in that way.

Things have totally changed for me now.

Here's part 3. Julia's being a bit of a bitch. She doesn't want to sit next to Allison. I don't think I would have been like that. I hope not! I think I'd just be secretly uncomfortable.

YouTube is not letting me fast-forward through the episode. I don't have time to watch the whole thing. I'm going to read more on IMDb, while it plays.

Also in 1996, Montgomery was in a science fiction TV movie called The Cold Equations.

Wow. Claudia is quite manipulative.

The Cold Equations involves space travel stuff and vaccines.

Now I'm back to the Allison and Julia storyline on Party of Five. Allison is kissing a boy, trying to prove she's not really a lesbian. And now Julia has outed her. Yikes. This is good drama.

It's sad though. It's making me cry a bit. It would be hard to have that secret, knowing your family and friends might reject you.

It's such a beautiful episode. I'm wanting to hug and comfort Allison.

Now the Charlie and Owen storyline is giving me tears as well.

I'm going to pause the show for a moment to talk about The Cold Equations. Lord Wiki says it's based on a short story. The basic premise is a girl is a stowaway on a space ship. It ends up there's only enough room for the pilot and the cargo. She has to be sent out in space. So the story is basically someone knowing they're going to have to die soon. That's rough.

Montgomery plays the girl who has to die. I'll try to find a clip of the show....after I finish watching Party of Five. I'm on part 4 now. I may have forgotten to mention part 3. Oh well. Sorry.

Now I'm on part 5. Oh, what a sweet co-sleeping scene.

Okay. I'm ready to move on. I'm not finding any scenes from The Cold Equations.

I'm going to move onto Relativity. This was a TV show on from 1996-1997. It lasted for only seventeen episodes. People meet romantic partners in Italy, and then continue the relationships back home in the United States. Okay.

It was nominated for a GLAAD award, so I guess it had some kind of gay/lesbian thing going on. This lesbian website says the show deserved kudos for being the first to show lesbians in a very casual light. They didn't make a big fuss over it. They made it seem natural and okay. I was wondering if Montgomery played the lesbian again. She didn't....well, at least not the two main ones.

In 1997, Montgomery did a short film written and directed by Rob Lowe; Desert's Edge.

You're probably wondering why I just dressed the word directed in pink. No reason. I just suddenly felt like playing with the colors. Why don't I do that more often? This is fun!

In 1998, Montgomery was in Dead Man on Campus. I might remember this. Or maybe I just remember the urban legend. I wonder if it's in countries outside America. The story is that if your roommate dies in college (uni), you get straight A's for the semester.

Snopes says this rumor is false. Should I believe them, or suspect they're just trying to prevent people from murdering their roommates?

Here's the trailer for the movie.

It does look a little funny. I like the premise. Two roommates want the straight A's. They think this can happen if they have a roommate that commits suicide. Of course, neither of the guys want to sacrifice themselves. So, they try to find someone who is suicidal to live with them. They figure the person would kill themselves anyway, so this way they're not dying in vain.

In 1999, Montgomery was in a TV movie called The Wonder Cabinet. It's about medical people recruited by a guy who studies unusual biological malformations. Interesting. Montgomery plays a medical student. I can't find much about it.

Montgomery was in The Other Sister. This is the one where Juliette Lewis plays a mentally retarded woman. Montgomery has the same last name as most of the characters. I'm guessing she plays Lewis's sister. So, she's the unother sister. Or maybe she's an aunt?

Montgomery was in an Eddie Murphy movie; Life. She played Older Rose Mae Anthony. She's pretty far down in the credits, so I don't think she had a big part.

Next on the list is This Space Between Us. It's a romantic thing involving a man trying to get over his wife's tragic death. I can't find much about it, really. It's written and directed by the same guy who made Dead and Breakfast. That's about all I know.

In 2000, Montgomery did three episodes of the police show, The Beat. According to this TV website, Montgomery played a medical student again.

In 2001, Montgomery played Marilyn Monroe in the TV movie Blonde.

Here's a scene. It looks sad.

Entertainment Weekly has an article about the movie. They say Montgomery is a big fan of Monroe. She's seen all her movies, had her posters on her wall, and read her biography.

There's some other insights into Montgomery's life here. She dropped out of school when she was fourteen, and traveled. First she went to Bali, and then later she headed to America. At one point she was so broke, a bus driver bought her McDonalds. That was nice of him.

Montgomery camped out on someone's couch, and sent numerous head shots to Julia Robert's agent. Finally, he signed her. I guess persistence sometimes pays. Other times, it gets you labeled as a stalker.

In 2002, Montgomery was in the TV show Glory Days. It was written by Kevin Williamson, the one who wrote the Scream movies. Montgomery plays a coroner in it. The story involves a writer returning to his hometown. Weird things happen when he's there.

Here's a fan video made about the show.

Oh! I was wondering where that guy was from. He was on Friends! He played the young guy that Rachel had a thing for. Wasn't he her assistant?

In 2004, Montgomery was in the TV movie Raising Waylon. The plot sounds kind of ridiculous. A child's parents die. In their will, they name two people to become his parents. The catch is that these two people aren't even a couple. Why would people put that in their will? Plus, Montgomery plays a character who travels the world. The guy in the film is one who dates models. They're not exactly parental material. I say these dead parents were pretty irresponsible.

I'm sure at the end of the film, they realize that their destiny belongs with the child in domestic bliss. Blah, blah, blah.

Here's a scene from the movie. Montgomery is cute here. It might be a sweet movie. I'm just not sure I could overcome the premise of it all.

Also in 2004, Montgomery was in 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover. It's about a guy who tries to leave his life in Los Angeles, but then he meets a girl. Montgomery doesn't play that girl. She plays the guy's best friend. Montgomery's name in the movie is Allison, just like it was in Party of Five.

In 2005, Montgomery was in Between. It's a thriller that takes place in Tijuana. Montgomery plays a lawyer who is searching for her missing sister. Montgomery's boyfriend is also in the film.

Here's a scene from the movie.

Also in 2005, Montgomery was in the TV movie Murder in the Hamptons. She plays a woman suspected of murdering her husband.

Here's a scene from it. I'm guessing this is before the murder happens.

Next we have a TV movie about weather; Snow Wonder. It's a holiday story about snow falling in places it usually doesn't fall.

Here's part of the movie. Montgomery's character is planning to be a maid-of-honor. This all looks a bit corny to me. Maybe I'm just not in that type of mood right now. It kind of reminds me of our winter this year. We had a freak snow storm. It was lovely.

Okay. I messed up a bit on chronology. Let's back up three years. This is when Montgomery started her work on Without a Trace. I think this is what she's most known for.

Here's her very last scene in the show. So here we have two Australians pretending to be American. LaPaglia sounds slightly Australian. I can hear it a little bit...or maybe I'm just imagining things.

I'm reading about Montgomery's character Sam. The girl had a rough life. She killed her mom's boyfriend when she was fourteen because he was molesting her sister. If I'm reading this right, she and her sister buried the guy in the yard. And then they became all distant from each other. Also, maybe the sister got pregnant with the guy's child? I'm a bit confused. It sounds rough though.

Here's another scene. It's with Eric Close. I used to have a crush on him. I think he has a really cute accent. Where's he from?

Well, it seems he's like me....moved around a lot. My accent's not that cute though.

This year, Montgomery was in the TV movie Lying to Be Perfect. It's a romance type thing. An IMDb user is very dissatisfied with the film. I brennan 1979 says, The role of Nola Devlin is written for a plus sized girl, so instead of finding one, they just put some Hollywood twig in a fat suit. This is just disrespectful to plus sized women everywhere. The fact that her life only improves after she becomes Hollywood thin and glamoured is also a slap in the face.

Yeah. I find that least the second bit. But you can't really avoid doing the first if you're going to have the second. It would be hard to have someone play an overweight person, and then lose a ton of weight. I know there's been movies where actors have lost or gained weight for the role. But have their been movies where people lost or gained weight within the movie itself? Maybe Thinner?

The movie's based on a novel called the Cinderella Pact. says it's about an overweight women who writes a advice column while pretending to be thin and beautiful.

Here's a clip from the show.

It doesn't look like something I'd like.

Montgomery has another upcoming TV movie called True Blue. I was thinking maybe FINALLY she was going to be in something Australian. I was thinking of that John Williamson song. But no. This true blue refers to police stuff.

I think Montgomery is the first Australian actor I've researched who hasn't done any Australian work. Maybe I missed something?

Well, I just had a LONG break. We went to my parent's house for dinner. Tim made his delicious pizza. We talked about our Hawaii trip, and they talked about their Australia/New Zealand trip.

And now my dad has sent his last batch of Kiwi photos.

Let me get back to Poppy Montgomery.

I'll watch some interviews.

There's a Craig Ferguson one. Awesome!

They're showing a scene from Without a Trace. There's mention of a Black Rock Harbour. It's like Lost!

You know how my dad saw photos of the Lost Plane crash and thought that was a real crash site. Well, he saw the photos of the YMCA camp where parts of Lost is filmed. He thought this was where we stayed the whole time. I thought that was funny. But I think it would be totally cool to stay there. We could pretend we're the Others.

Now they're doing the interview.

Montgomery has tattoos. She seems to be into that.

She describes Australian women as iron fists with velvet gloves....tough on the inside and soft on the outside. I don't know how I feel about that. I guess it's good. Maybe? At first, I was picturing someone who is nice on the outside, but mean on the inside. Fake. But it's probably about being sweet on the outside, yet having an inner hidden strength.

Oh well....honestly, I'm not sure what she's trying to describe there. And each Australian woman I know is completely different from the other ones I know. I can't really lump them together in any way.

I like the conversation starting at 4:38. Ferguson is hilarious.

Now they're talking about whether Montgomery watches her own show. She said in the beginning she did, but then she became too critical. I can relate somewhat. I'm fine reading my old novels, and watching the videos I used to make. I can't bring myself to watch the videos I took of myself singing. I get all embarrassed.

Montgomery says she's obsessed with American Idol. And when she said I'm obsessed with that show, she sounded a little bit Australian.

Here's another interview. I'm not sure what show this is. It has Kelly Ripa and Neil Patrick Harris. They talked about their love of American Idol. Now they're singing.

Anyway, I'm kind of tired of researching. I want to finish looking at my dad's photos, and do some of my exercising.


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