Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I'm So Vain. I Definitely KNOW This Video is About Me

We all have lapses of good judgment. I had mine in the shower tonight. I decided to make a video of me doing different accents.

So below is the video. And here is the link if you prefer to watch stuff directly on YouTube. (I personally do).

I don't know. Lately my goal in life seems to be finding the best way to embarrass myself.

On that note, here is a video of me singing a bit from Jesus Christ Superstar. I actually showed my face this time. I'm getting less shy about these things. That's probably NOT a good thing.

I'm actually sitting here waiting for the movies to upload to YouTube so I can link to them. Maybe I'll blabber away as I wait.

I reread Eclipse and Breaking Dawn this week. I enjoyed that...tremendously. I'm NOT really enjoying the last episodes of Lost. I miss the OLD Lost.

Here's something funny. Dominic Monaghan plays Charlie on Lost. His character kind of died though, so he's not on too often anymore. Now he's on FlashForward as Simon. The personality of Simon is very different from the personality of Charlie. Anyway, Charlie came back this season for an episode or two. He had changed for plot reasons...which I won't go into because I don't want to spoil things for people not caught up. But anyway, Charlie acted just like Simon. At least I think he did. It's like Monaghan forgot how to be Charlie. Or it's just a coincidence that this new version of Charlie acts like Simon. I don't know.

What else can I say?

I like Claudia Karvan better with brown hair than blond. She is REALLY cute. I might get a crush on her.

I've eaten way too much black licorice this week.

My sister's dog's birthday is today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIBBY!!!!!

I love that I no longer have to think up clever updates for Facebook. I can just click like here there and everywhere.

I watched Medium today. That was interesting. They're showing a lot of Ariel lately. I guess they're trying to appeal to teen viewers?

I better go check on the cats.