Monday, May 31, 2010

Moving Right Along....

I recently finished reading a book about a road trip; Sean and David's Long Drive. Sean (Condon) is the one who wrote the book.

I can't relate to Sean's diet choices and his frequency of getting drunk. But I can relate to his negativity. As Sean and David travel through Australia, Sean often ends up disgusted, bored, and underimpressed.

As I read the book, I had all kinds of thoughts. I was going to say deep thoughts, but they're probably not too deep.

I thought about our own road trip this December. We drove from Fort Worth to Gainesville Florida. I thought it was great as we did it, and we talked enthusiastically about doing it again. Now I'm having second-thoughts. Well, I'm not having second-thoughts about doing it. I think we will. But I'm having doubts about whether it's really that great of a way to travel.

I don't feel we really learned much, or experienced much in the cities we visited. It all felt like a bit of a rush. If we subtract sleep time, I think we probably spent about 3-5 hours in each of the places we stayed at.

What I remember most about the trip? Playing Sims 3 in the car, stopping at rest areas where we bought crap out of the vending machines, and listening to Tim's political talk radio stuff.

I think with a road trip like this, the thing that dominates is the actual driving/riding.

We did stop in Gainesville for a few days to visit in-laws. Having a few days there was nice. I felt somewhat settled for awhile.

I'm thinking the trick to road trips (or the way to make me enjoy them more) is to try to stay in places for at least one full day. It just seems useless to get to a place in the early evening, grab a bite for dinner, watch TV and surf the internet in the hotel room, sleep; then wake up in the morning to start all over again. In order to have that full day in each place, you need to have a lot of time on your hands, and/or a close final destination.

To me, the BEST part of the road trip is the not-having-to-fly part. Actually, I don't mind the flying so much. If the flight is under eight hours, I'm pretty okay with it. The problem is the stuff that comes with flying. I hate waiting at the airport. I hate going through security. I hate almost getting run over by the cart, and then being embarrassed because I was daydreaming when the driver was shouting Watch the cart, please!

I loved missing all that during our road trip.

I was going to write more...blab on and on. But I'll save the rest of my blabbing for another post. I need to space my blabbing out more.