Saturday, September 25, 2010

Crap! How Did I Miss That?

I've been totally out of the Loop.

I was reading an article about the Commonwealth Games, and how the Foreign Minister advises Australians not to flaunt their nationality because of terrorism.  That's interesting. But the thing that totally got my attention is the fact that Kevin Rudd is the Foreign Minister.  I totally missed that news.  I guess I was too busy eating scones and worshiping JK Rowling.

Anyway, I'm very glad Gillard put Rudd back in her ministry.  I was very impressed that Rudd didn't want to back away from it all after the big coup; and I didn't like Gillard when it seemed like she wasn't going to accept Rudd's offer to participate in ministry action.  

Lord Wiki is informing me about all the new ministry jobs.  Peter Garrett is now in education. That's interesting.  I wonder how he'll do with that.  Tony Burke's the new environment guy. I've not heard of him.  Lord Wiki says he has the seat of Watson in New South Wales. That's about all I want to know...for now.

Chris Bowen now has the immigration portfolio. I think that used to belong to Chris Evans. What's he doing now?

Okay. Evans is in tertiary education and workplace stuff.

Jenny Macklin still has the Indigenous Affairs portfolio....and that still doesn't seem right to me.   I wonder if there are ANY indigenous Australians in the ministry.  

Oh....I guess I could quickly look.   

I'm not seeing anyone yet, but I do see now that there's another environmental guy besides Tony Burke.  Burke is Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities.  Then there's Greg Combet.  He's Minister for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency.

Anyway.   No.   I don't see any Aboriginal Australians in the Ministry. That's unfortunate. The good news is things don't have to stay that way.    Just like I was ignorant about the new ministry, and that's sad.   But it didn't stay that way.   Now I'm all informed....or at least more informed.