Monday, September 27, 2010

Google Map Fun Part 2

I'm going to play my Google Map game again.

I like it.

I'll start back in Tasmania.

I've landed on Safety Cove Rd. I wonder if it's especially safe.

I see something I haven't seen in the game thus far.

A car!

It's a gray convertible of some type.

I also see beautiful mountains beautiful clouds, and a beautiful ocean. And it's all safe...maybe.

This Bed and Breakfast website indicates that Safety Cove is a a beach in Port Arthur.

Here. Someone took a video of Safety Cove. Is that an American accent? Maybe Canadian? Wait. Now he sounds kind of Irish or Scottish.

Well, according to his YouTube Page, JohnnyScottBlair is from the United Kingdom. He has a lot of travel videos. He seems to have an adventurous soul.

I was trying to land on a place in Victoria, and kept getting photographs instead of Street View. But now I'm on 769 Western Port Road, in Yannathan. Lord Wiki says Yannathan is a rural locality. Okay.

It looks farmish. I think I see a windmill.

There's a kennel in Yannathan. They provide 5 star accommodations for your dogs and cats.

Now I'm on Turpentine Road in New South Wales. It looks very dusty. I'm going to move on.

Queensland is next. I'm on Brown Lake Drive. The road looks a bit tight. I don't think I'd like it too much.

I did some more map studying. The road is near Brown Lake. It's on an island actually; North Stradbroke Island. Lord Wiki says there are leaves at the bottom of the lake, and these leaves turn the water brown. Interesting.

For the Northern Territory, I'm back on the Stuart Highway. I'm betting that's the only road mapped by Google. The section I'm on now is in Burt Plain.

Now I'm in Dundas, Western Australia. I'm on Coolgardie Esperance Highway. I guess maybe it's near Esperance?

Lord Wiki says that Dundas is an abandoned town. I guess that would be like a ghost town. Cool.

The highway lives up to its name by connecting Coolgardie to Esperance. I don't think I've actually ever heard of Coolgardie before. Lord Wiki says it was the gold rush of the 1890's that helped the town prosper, but then eventually it became a ghost town. It's not completely dead though....thanks to tourism. Maybe Oprah will help it gain even MORE visitors.

Well, I'm late for dinner, so I'm going to skip South Australia this time. Sorry if that offends anyone. I'll begin with it next time.