Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Google Map Fun Part 4

I'm ready for another virtual adventure.

Actually, this is probably the way we SHOULD travel for awhile. Get the airlines to beg us to come back.  I'm tired of being charged for stuff we used to get for free.


I'm going to start in Tasmania.

I've landed on a fairly wide paved road called the Midland Highway.  There's an exact address this time (sometimes there's not).  It's 6246 Midlands Highway, in Oatlands, Tasmania.

I wonder if they eat a lot of oatmeal in Oatlands.

Blogger has changed their post thing, and it's really driving me nuts. When I press enter to start a new paragraph, it doesn't work.  Sometimes the curser just sits there, and sometimes it jumps back to the beginning of my sentence. What's the deal with that? Is Blogger trying to give me a nervous breakdown?   Probably.

Oatlands is around the center of Tasmania....if we're speaking north/south. It's more towards the east than west.  

Lord Wiki says there's a lot of sandstone buildings in Oatlands.

Here's a tourism page about it. It seems to be a good place to stop if you're driving from Launceston to Hobart.  And it's an excellent stopping place if you happen to be a fan of sandstone buildings. I'm not....yet.  I might be someday.

Now I'm on 139 Rothwell Road in Little River, Victoria. I see two parked cars, and farmland.    There's some silos, and stuff like that.

I've zoomed out of Google Maps. Little River is between Geelong and Melbourne. The drive from Melbourne would be about 45 minutes.

Lord Wiki says the Little River area has been used in film/television. A road there was used in Mad Max.  Some scenes from Blue Heelers and We Can be Heroes was filmed there.  

There's an Aussie music group named after the area; Little River Band. Let me see if I can listen to one of their songs....

Here 's a video.  Cool.

Let's move on to New South Wales.

I've landed on 2 Mulgowie Road, in Crooked Corner.

It looks rather dry and dusty, but slightly green.

Here's a property for sale on Mulgowie Road.  For $650 thousand you get 1297 acres.   It would be really cool to have all those acres to yourself. You get a house, sheep and cattle yards, stables, silos, etc.

I admit it. I have a farm fantasy.

You know what used to shatter my fantasy. Jeans.  Farm folks wear jeans.  I hated jeans.  But I wore jeans in London, and I was fine with them!  So maybe this farm dream can open back up to me.    Well, there is that slight issue of me totally not having a green thumb.

And I went to the Stock Show in Texas, and didn't like that. It might be a sign that farming is not the thing for me.  

I'm probably better off doing virtual gardening with my Sims.

I zoomed out on Google Maps to see where this Crooked Corner is located. It's south-west of Katoomba. It would take about three hours to get from point a to point b. Then it's about an hour and a half away from Goulburn.

Now I'm in Queensland, probably far from the colorful Barrier Reef.   Isiford Ilfracomb Road looks more of the outback variety.  This is a good place to eat a Bloomin' Onion.    Don't worry.   I'm joking.  But you probably should pack SOME type of food. I'm betting there aint many shops and restaurants nearby.  

I zoomed out on the map. Ilfracomb is around the center of Queensland.   It's not one of those tropical coastal places.  

This tourism article about the area says that Fred Schepisi owns land in the area.

There's a meditation author/guru from there; Paul Wilson. I've never heard of him.

I wish I was good at meditation. I'll keep trying.

For the Northern Territory, I got myself back on the Stuart Highway. I'm in Warumungu.  I think I was there the other day.

You know what's going to happen to me. I'll be traveling in Australia a few years from now.  Forgetting that I played these map games, I'll end up on some road that looks extremely familiar. I won't know why it feels so familiar, and I'll start guessing that I had a past life there.

Now I've landed on Kondinin Narembeen Road in Billericay, Western Australia.   The landscape is interesting, kind of hard to describe. It's kind of otherworldly. Maybe dreamlike?  I can imagine dreaming about the place.

I zoomed out of Google Maps. Billericay is east of Perth. There doesn't seem to be any big towns nearby. Perth is about four hours away.  Well, that's not too far, really. I think there are other Australian villages/towns that are much farther from any major city or town.

Now I'm on Barndioota Road in South Australia. I'm not sure of the town. Google Maps doesn't say.    The scenery is lovely though.  It looks very Australian...or matches my stereotypical view of Australia.

I zoomed out, and plugged in Barndioota into the map.   There's a Barndioota town.   I guess the road is in there.

The town's way north of Adelaide.

Oh wow!   I looked up Barndicoota on Google, and ended up finding a Australian government site dealing with public toilets.  How cool is that?

Sadly, they list no toilets in Barndicoota.

I've bookmarked this website.   It might be VERY useful one day.   We probably won't have internet on the road, so I should map out the toilets before we go.