Thursday, September 9, 2010

Passing On the Love

We had a guy come over to install a new alarm system.

He was really nice. He kind of looked like Kiefer Sutherland. I mean that's not what made him nice. It's kind of like two separate things. He was nice, and on top of that, he happened to look like Kiefer Sutherland.

He worked in my office as I tried to find a new desktop picture. Yes, I busy myself with ever so important things.

He mentioned that Tim had said we're going out of the country soon, and he asked where we were going.

I answered that question, and he brought up the long flight. I told him I wasn't looking forward to that part. He told me he's been on only one long international flight. Guess which one it was!!!

Yep. Los Angeles to Sydney!!!

We're a bit different because it seemed one of his favorite part of the trip was the actual flight. He was really into all that; I think because he used to work with planes. He talked about how he has never flown that high. I never even think about altitude stuff.

When someone brings up Australia like that, I often feel a bit awkward. I feel weird blurting out, I'm obsessed with Australia. I even have a blog about it. But if I don't say anything, I feel kind of dishonest.

It's hard to explain. I mean....I know there's no obligation to tell everyone I meet that I have the Aussie love. It's not like I need a t-shirt or some kind of medical bracelet announcing it. But if Australia is mentioned in the conversation, and I keep things secret....then I feel a bit weird.

I guess with this guy I kind of hinted around. Well, by hinting I mean I talked about both our trips to Australia. I told him how we stopped in Japan in 2007, and Hawaii in 2009. I figured by saying this, I was kind of giving him a clue.

And okay. Maybe it's not just about not wanting to be all secretive. I think I'm kind of proud of my Australia-love, and want people to know about it....ESPECIALLY if they mention Australia first.

So then I thought of a kill-two-birds with one stone kind of thing. I have a lot of Australian books, and have been wanting to pass some of them on. So I asked him if he liked to read, and whether he'd want some Australian books. By then, I think I sufficiently expressed the fact that I have some kind of Australian thing going on. Well, he might imagine I have some massive library, and if we had mentioned Bulgaria, I'd have a collection of books on that as well.

Now that I think of it, maybe he didn't realize I had an Australia-passion. Here we're going to London soon. He might think we're some kind of mass world travelers. Yes, this week we're going to London. Next month we're going to Slovakia. In the Spring, we're going to Chile for a month. Next year, we may do a world cruise.

Anyway, he was very gracious about accepting the books. I asked him what type he likes, and he said he was into nautical stuff. I have a few of those; some that I like and love, and then some I admitted to not liking. But we agreed that maybe he'd like them more than me.

Speaking of books....I heard that the book-burning pastor has decided to call off his offensive plans. That's good. I give him kudos for giving into all the pressure to stop. In many cases, it's wrong to succumb to pressure from others. But in cases where you're planning to do something mean and destructive, I think it's very admirable to step back, listen to others, and do the right thing.

And one thing people should know by now. If there's one sure way to make people want to read a book, threaten to burn or ban it! Ah! Maybe THAT'S how I can finally get people interested in reading my novels. So instead of Burn the Koran day, we should have a burn Thirty Cats and The Dream Games day.

Oh...never mind.

The asshole preacher has changed his mind again. He still wants to burn books. I am having a bad feeling about all of this.