Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Please Forgive Me, Australia

For some reason, when I ordered my first jar of Vegemite, I got it from the British Food Shop.  I'm not sure why. Maybe I didn't know of an Australian food shop in America?   Well, I probably just googled Vegemite, and got the British shop first. Who knows.

Anyway, by ordering the Vegemite from them, I got on their mailing list.  I just got an email from them, and I went to look at their website.  They have the candy we fell in love with recently.   I want to order some! But I feel really conflicted and guilty because I was going to soon order a shipment of Aussie goodies.  I know. I can order from both. But that does make me feel a bit gluttonous. 

Well, I'm not going to order anything right this minute because we're going out of town in a few days.   I don't want my packages sitting out on the porch for a long time. Maybe I'll order them while we're on the road, and they can be waiting for us when we get home. That would be nice.

I really shouldn't feel guilty for loving British food. Right? I can have enough love in my heart for two countries.   AND....guess what.  I just thought of something.  In one of my earlier (way back when) crazy dreams of Julian McMahon, Jude Law had been there too!! So maybe all along I was supposed to become obsessed with two countries. 

I'm really NOT obsessed with the UK though.  Seriously. I can't even remember the name of their Prime Minister.   I just like Harry Potter, their sweets, and some of their actors.