Friday, October 8, 2010

Be Fruitful and Multiply As My Selfishness Shines Through

I had another Australian-related dream last night....

It's Tuesday.   I'm on the phone, talking to Tracy, a girl I knew in high school (strange because I never talk on the phone, and I was never even really friends with Tracy).   While we're talking, Tracy tells me that Tracey (my Australian friend) had her baby on Sunday.  I feel and act excited and surprised, but then I remember that I already KNEW she had the baby. And now it's already Tuesday, and how awful of me. I haven't congratulated Tracey yet.  I vent to high school Tracy about my shame regarding the way I've neglected Australian Tracey.  I tell Tracy I will hurry up and email out a congratulations.  High School Tracy warns me not to do this. She says she recently congratulated someone via email, and they were offended she used email instead of calling.  I reluctantly decide high school Tracy is right. I should call Australian Tracey. It seems a bit of a pain though. What if her she and her family are sleeping? What if I wake them?   Tracy mentions something about a relative staying with Australian Tracey to help out, but I'm barely listening to her. I'm all wrapped up in my own worries and thoughts.

I get off the phone, and can't even remember the rest of my conversation with high school Tracy. I needed to call Australian Tracey, and there was someone else I needed to call. (But now I can't remember who that was).   I go and tell Tim that I need to call two people, and I'm thinking Tim's going to think I'm getting popular...calling three people in one day.(in real life, I rarely call anyone).

Before calling (or maybe while dialing) I think about the new baby, and have selfish thoughts. I want to be happy for my friend and her new addition; but I feel this may change our friendship. I think of how having a baby will make it hard for them to travel with us. I try to cheer myself up. I realize they might not be able to travel, but we can go visit THEM in Australia.  Jack and Tara (Tracey's daughter) will be getting older, and it might be nice to have a little one around again.

When I get through on the phone, it's someone with a strong American accent that answers. I'm wondering who this could be. Their helpful relative?   They have an American relative?  She sounds not just American, but exhausted and exasperated.  She's not exactly friendly.  I tell her I understand they all must be very busy, but could she just tell Tracey that I called to say congratulations.  For some reason, I'm having doubts she'll bother to pass on the message.

I don't remember what she says, or what happens immediately next.

But then I make another phone call; and after dialing and having someone answer....I realize I called Tracey's house again.   And again, I talk to the American.   I'm embarrassed about this double calling, but figure maybe it will increase my chances that she'll remember to tell Tracey I called.   Then I hear a little girl in the background, talking excitedly about me.  I'm guessing it's Tara, but then I realize she's speaking in an American accent. I'm all confused by this. Are my friends Americanizing themselves?   Did I call the wrong number, and these are not our Australian friends?    What's happening!!!??

Anyway, that's my dream,

Speaking of of my email-pal's sent me this video about pregnant women. It's pretty funny.   My favorite part is at :50.    That totally cracks me up.