Saturday, October 16, 2010

Great! But Can You Change That Before We Come To Visit?

The Australian dollar was equal to the American dollar today. That hasn't happened since 1983. 

I'm not an economics expert, but I figure this is good news for Australia. And since I love Australia...of course I'm happy about this.

However, I shall not be happy if the Aussie dollar is equal to the American dollar when we come to visit. Then I shall selfishly wish for it to go lower then the American dollar....just for the weeks that we're there.  Once we leave, it's welcome to rise again.

To be fair (because I TRY to be a fair person), if/when Australians, I love, come to America, I shall hope for their dollar to be stronger than ours. Then they can do some fun cheap shopping.  

I think that's a good deal.  

Speaking of our in-the-not-near-future-visit.....After thinking, conversing, and reading, I'm now thinking good places for us to stay in Sydney might be either

A) One of the eastern beaches
B) Haymarket/Chinatown area.
C) Ultimo/Pyrmont area
D) Glebe

The beaches would probably be our first choice because Tim loves being near the beach.  I know some of those areas are in/near the CBD, and I said we didn't want to be in the CBD. But then I started thinking that maybe Tim is sick of the specific areas of the CBD that we stayed in, and not the whole area in general.  I don't even know if those areas ARE in the CBD. I think it's more precise to label them as places included on the basic tourism maps.  

I thought maybe we'd be cool, and step off the beaten tourism path. But it might be that I like that path.  Sorry.  

I think we DO need to go west at some point, at least for a visit. Maybe we'll take a train somewhere. I mean besides The Blue Mountains. We could go to Parramatta or Dulwich Hill. Maybe. We did spend part of a morning in Croydon last time. That's fairly western.  

Oh!  And we dragged our friends to the Outback Steakhouse. I'm pretty sure it was the one in North Strathfield, and that's out west too.