Tuesday, January 25, 2011


1. Dreamed that two Australian bloggers saw Tim at the zoo, took a photo, and then sent it to me.   No, my husband wasn't on display.  He was just visiting.  

2. Saw that Simon McKeon was chosen as Australian of the Year.   He's the successful business guy who does stuff for the community.  Jessica Watson is the Youth Australian of the Year.    Ron McCallum is the Senior Australian of the Year.   He's the one who does work for the disabled, and is part of the radio station where people read to the blind.  

3.Saw a commenter on Facebook saying they were glad someone not in Sport was chosen as Australian of the Year.  When was the last time a sport person WAS chosen?  From what Lord Wiki tells me, it looks like the last one was in 2004.   There was a sporty YOUTH winner though in 2008.   But it's not like sport people are chosen all the time.    

4.  Read Alex's post about Australia Day.  He expresses that which I've been hearing from others....Australia Day has been taken over by racists.   I think that's unfortunate.     His post has photos of people wearing disturbing t-shirts.  Yeah. We sadly have Americans like that as well.  It's the whole love-it-or-leave it mentality.    Yuck. 

5. Signed petition on Greg Hunt's page about the UK returning Matthew Flinder's map to Australia.   It's the first time the country was labeled Australia, so that's kind of cool.   

6. Discussed with family what we should eat for Australia Day. Jack had suggested a Bloomin' Onion yesterday. And yes, I DO think he understands the humor there.  Tim suggested colorful cupcakes.   Right now we're going for Lamington cupcakes. The Bloomin' Onion would be funny, but I don't think I'm in the mood.  I mean I'm not in the mood for fried onion. I'm almost always in the mood for a laugh.

7. Saw Jack's Happy Australia Day sign that he made for me and taped to the kitchen door.   So sweet.

8. Read my cousin Laura's quirky blog post about seeing Jimmy Buffet at the Sydney Opera House.    She also talks about Oprah tasting Vegemite.  I haven't watched that bit yet.   According to Laura, Oprah said she loves it.  I agree with Laura when she suggests Oprah might have been faking it.    Laura says, Not that Vegemite isn't delicious-- my kids love it, but correct me if I'm speaking out of line, I think it's an acquired taste.    Yeah.   Personally.  I think it would be rare for an adult American to try that for the first time, and love it.   But who knows.....

9. Read Andrew's post about Australia Day.  Andrew says,  Now kiddies, please be restrained tomorrow with your use of the Australian flag. Bragging and chest beating and holding your hand over your heart is not the Australian way.    Exactly!   It's the American way.   So we here shall NOT be restrained with our use of the Australia Flag.  But I shall refrain from the chest beating and heart holding.  Bragging....I rarely take a break from that.

10. Saw that Australia was mentioned in Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief  It turns out that the echidna is named after a creature from Greek mythology.  According to Lord Wiki, Echidna was half woman and half snake.  She was known as the Mother of All Monsters.  Why did they name the monotreme after her?   I have no idea.  

11. Voted yes in a poll about whether Australia needs a new flag.  I do love the old flag.  But it seems that it has negative connotations for some people.  It might be nice to have a flag that's more inclusive.  There's the British flag, and then there's the Aboriginal flag. It might be nice to combine those somehow.  Or how about a flag with a menacing drop bear on it? That might be cool.  

12.  Read this quote on Facebook from Lea Stephens, regarding changing the flag.  NO ... many brave Australians died defending this flag, leave it alone and mind your own business !!!   Do people really fight wars in order to defend a flag?  I kind of doubt it. I think they fight wars to defend their family, friends, security, principles, etc.  

13. Liked what Harry Axe said( on Facebook) about the flag issue. Half the countries in the world were founded by Britain doesn't mean they define our identity today. Uk are massively irrelevant to us now even USA is more relevant that britain to out culture. Regardless, Australia had a unique identity now and as such should have a new flag that connects us all, not just those with British routes! 

14.  While folding laundry, I watched Oprah and her friends do the bridge climb.  
My dislike of Oprah faded a bit during that scenes. I liked when she recited the Langston Hughes poem.   Something about that made her seem more real to me; less fake. And I loved when Gayle said I don't give a shit about the O.  I also liked Oprah's whole struggle with patience bit. She admitted her annoyance; didn't try to hide it.  But she also didn't completely lose it, well at least not in the parts we were allowed to see.

15. Listened to Flame Trees again.

16. Watched video for Khe Sanh.  The video ended a bit abruptly.  Learned from Lord Wiki that in a 2001 poll, it was voted #8 of Australia's all-time best songs.

17. Saw an 1856 drawing of King James' Church in Sydney, and I looked at the church's website.   I like that they say that they welcome all people regardless of age, race, sexual orientation, or religion.  Lord Wiki says that Francis Greenway designed the church. It was built by convicts.

18. Saw a photo of Charles Hotham, the first Governor of Victoria. In the picture, he sort of reminds me of Ben Affleck

19. Looked at the TV poll results in the Herald Sun.  Happy to see that Modern Family was voted best international TV show.  My mom would be glad to know that Simon Baker was voted top Aussie actor. She's a fan.  The show least liked is something called Warnie. I've never heard of it. 

20. Read Julia Gillard's Australia Day email.  

21.  Introduced to Geocatching via an email-pal from New Zealand.  I vaguely heard of it before, but never paid attention until now.  It looks REALLY fun.  Maybe we'll try it.  If we get really into it, it would be an awesome thing to do while in Australia.  

22. Listened to Paul McDermott and Fiona Horne sing Shut Up and Kiss Me Now.  Such a pretty song.

23. Ate vegetable and meat pies for dinner; and we ate Lamington cupcakes for dessert.

24. Watched the Australian of the Year slideshow on The Australian website. They show photos of the winners from the past several years.  

25. Took this Aussie quiz, and failed.  I got a 60.  So sad.  

26. Made a vow to myself that I will keep reading, researching, and learning. I will keep working, so one day I'll take Aussie quizzes and not fail. Yeah. That's important to me.