Monday, May 21, 2012

Lynch Mob

I felt uncomfortable listening to parts of Craig Thomson's speech about being set up and attacked by a lynch mobs.

He talks of getting death threats and suicidal and self-harm encouragement.

I don't really understand the big mess. I've been very vaguely paying attention.

I don't know if Thomson is guilty or innocent or sort of in-between.

I don't know if he's being set up or not.

But I can relate to being a victim of a lynch mob. I can relate to getting verbal threats of violence, and suggestions that I should physically harm myself.

It's not fun.

So whether Thomson is guilty or innocent, I feel for him.

For the record though. I WAS guilty. Guilty of what? Sharing an opinion that differed from the crowd's.

Has that ever happened to you?

And have you ever been part of a lynch mob attacking someone else? Do you think that person deserved it? If you could go back in time, would you act the same or do things differently?


  1. Can't say I have had a lynch mob experience, in either role. I spite of Thomson's performance in Parliament, very few believe and very few are interested. This is a brief but worthwhile read.

  2. After several attempts to write a brief comment I have enough steam coming out of my ears to bring global warming forward by 100 years. This is the short version:

    Dina, anyone who has attacked you personally for your opinion is wrong on two counts; firstly because people should use their brains in an honest and open exchange of ideas, not just give in to emotion and go for your jugular; and secondly because I suspect you would have been right, whatever it was. You have a keen sense of justice I admire and trust.

    What is different about the Thompson case though is that it is not about a difference of opinion, it is a question of facts. These facts should be tried in a court of law, but after four? years of investigation it has still not gone to court. What is wrong with the law that it hasn’t gone to court yet? We are not talking about brothels and sex, because no one in this country gives a hoot about what people do. We are talking about $500,000 worth of theft and the fact it could go on unchecked for so long.

    Thompson is naming names in Parliament so he can’t be sued if he is lying. He has certainly not pushed for a trial so he can clear his name. And his claims are ludicrous. He is either an idiot – in which case how the heck has he been given so much power – or he is corrupt – in which case how the heck has he been given so much power?

    Added to the mix is a whole pile of bottled up emotions about democracy, corruption, unions, hung parliaments, the Labor Party losing its way, the opposition leader, and more. This is not a lynch mob thingy, it is another straw on the camel’s back. A big straw.

  3. Andrew: I don't know if I can agree that people don't care. It seems to be a pretty big news story; and people seem to have passionate opinions about it.

    Fruitcake: Thanks for your kind words. They mean a lot to me.

    I don't think an opinion can be right or wrong...really. But I definitely still agree with the opinion I had that got me into the mess. Either way though...I think my opinion deserved a civil response rather than hateful violent words and rejection.

    As for Thompson. He's probably guilty. I read a little bit more after writing my post, and read Andrew's link this morning.

    Still though...I definitely don't think he deserves emails and phone calls telling him to slash his wrists and shoot himself. I can't imagine any situation in which that's called for.

    Now if he's lying about getting those emails and phone's a whole different story. But even if he's lying about a bunch of other things; I doubt he's lying about that. It's not very rare for people to say such things. Unfortunately.

  4. I totally agree that it's wrong for people to send abusive and threatening messages to anyone. He's possibly telling the truth about that [even if it's being stretched] because people in the public eye will always attract abuse from some nutters. No, I should be kinder - they are mainly people who lack the education, or skills, or resources to argue in a civilised way, and they feel they are being rendered non-people by those abusing the democratic system. They are fighting back against a sort of spiritual form of murder. I understand why they do it, but I don't for a minute condone it.

    Now back to the real lynching... I disagree with you on this one. An opinion can be right or wrong morally. More importantly, an opinion is right if it agrees with mine. :)

    PS these captcha words used to annoy me but I now see them as a challenge, kind of like a cryptic crossword - and they are free! Thanks.