Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Swinging with Freddy Krueger

I've been looking at photos from Kojonup, Western Australia.  

I came across this photo from Railways of Australia's Flickr set. 

It's an old abandoned swing. looks abandoned at least.

It looks spooky like something out of a nightmare scene from Nightmare on Elm Street.

I can picture a little girl sitting on it singing that song.

One Two Freddy's Coming For You
Three Four Better Lock The Door.....

The scenery would be great for a horror movie set.

Then again, it might also be a great happy place for happy children to play happily.

I guess it depends on the mood.

Is it a bright sunny day? Rainy and dreary? Foggy? Late at night.

All that makes a difference.

It's funny how you can look at things in such vastly different ways.   When I first saw the photo and started writing the post, I saw something dark and sinister.  Then a few minutes later I looked and imagined kids having a fun and safe time together.  

Now that I look closely though....

The swing is pretty close to the ground, so maybe it wouldn't be THAT fun.