Saturday, June 23, 2012

Offspring Sounds

We were playing Taboo tonight.  Our timer is broken.  The sand somehow got stuck. So we have to use an alternate timer.  Today we used my niece's iPhone.  The alarm sounded familiar to me.   And then I realized it's Nina Proudman's ringtone.  

I was kind of excited about that.

One of my words, while playing, was Nicole Kidman.  My mind went blank.  I mean I knew who Nicole Kidman was, but I didn't know how to explain it, because one of the taboo words was Australia.  I could have named one of her movies, but I didn't think Jack would know of any of them.  I wasn't even sure if he'd know who she was...period.

Finally my brain turned on and I realized I could say something like, She's from the country I'm obsessed with.  One of the best tricks, with Taboo, is to rely on personal things that your partner would know about.  

Jack was able to get the answer right after that. So it turns out he does know about Nicole Kidman. 

In other Australia-related news...I've been wanting to try a vegetarian pie-floater.  And with Tim's help I was able to do that tonight.  I enjoyed it.  


I'm extremely overly obsessed with trip-planning.  I won't go into details, but there's a lot of 13's that keep popping up.  I don't take it as bad luck, but I do see it as being meaningful and maybe related to the conception of my Australia obsession

Well, at least I like to imagine it's meaningful.  Sorry, Richard Dawkins.  


HappyOrganist said...

Sounds like a smart kid. ;)
If I had my brain turned on for that game I'd have mentioned (though it was probably on the card to NOT say) "6th Sense" (was she in that?). no.. i'm sorry. wrong movie. But she was in a movie that was LIKE 6th Sense 'cause it had a twist ending.. so it's almost the same.

yeah.. and that's why I don't play those games... ^^

Kate Sparkles said...

Haha easy loop hole for you with that one!!
Trip planning is almost as fun as the trip itself!!

Dina said...

HappyOrganist: But it's hints like that which make the game fun. I don't think any of her movies were on the card. I think it would be less fun to just blurt out "The Others" and more fun to say what you said.

Kate: Yeah. Easy. But it took me several seconds to think of it.