Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Gay People Don't Belong in the Closet But Rude People Do

In Halls Gap, I rudely claimed the master bedroom for Tim and myself.

If I was polite, I would have had a prior conversation with my friend.

I would have said,  Which bedroom do you want?

My friend would have probably said, I don't know.  Which one do you want?

We would have danced the dance of niceness and decency.

But no.  I didn't even ask.

I don't think I'm usually that rude.  It's just I really wanted that room. I wanted the ensuite toilet. I pee a lot at night. I wanted a toilet that belonged to my family only. I'm weird like that.   

I rationalized my behavior with the fact that for two nights my friend was going to be alone—no husband.  Why should a single occupant get the fancy room?

Then I realized that maybe the fancy master bedroom wasn't so great.

It was a loft.

There was no wall separating it from downstairs—the kitchen and the den.

I felt a lack of privacy.

Worse, there was no protection from the noise of the TV and conversation.

I thought of asking my friend to trade.   But Tim had seemed pleased about having the room.  I was too lazy to unpack.  AND I'd feel like such a loser. Yeah, Tracey.   I know I rudely took the room without even asking you if you want it.  But hey, I changed my mind now. You take it.

So no. We stayed.

But I moved into the closet.

There was a mattress in there against the wall.

Upon my request, Tim took it down for me.

I slept there during our four nights in Halls Gap.

It wasn't fancy, but it was actually quite nice.

It was cozy and I was comfortable.   

I felt like Harry Potter, which is kind of funny because my behavior had been more like Dudley Dursley's.