Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Gay People Don't Belong in the Closet But Rude People Do

In Halls Gap, I rudely claimed the master bedroom for Tim and myself.

If I was polite, I would have had a prior conversation with my friend.

I would have said,  Which bedroom do you want?

My friend would have probably said, I don't know.  Which one do you want?

We would have danced the dance of niceness and decency.

But no.  I didn't even ask.

I don't think I'm usually that rude.  It's just I really wanted that room. I wanted the ensuite toilet. I pee a lot at night. I wanted a toilet that belonged to my family only. I'm weird like that.   

I rationalized my behavior with the fact that for two nights my friend was going to be alone—no husband.  Why should a single occupant get the fancy room?

Then I realized that maybe the fancy master bedroom wasn't so great.

It was a loft.

There was no wall separating it from downstairs—the kitchen and the den.

I felt a lack of privacy.

Worse, there was no protection from the noise of the TV and conversation.

I thought of asking my friend to trade.   But Tim had seemed pleased about having the room.  I was too lazy to unpack.  AND I'd feel like such a loser. Yeah, Tracey.   I know I rudely took the room without even asking you if you want it.  But hey, I changed my mind now. You take it.

So no. We stayed.

But I moved into the closet.

There was a mattress in there against the wall.

Upon my request, Tim took it down for me.

I slept there during our four nights in Halls Gap.

It wasn't fancy, but it was actually quite nice.

It was cozy and I was comfortable.   

I felt like Harry Potter, which is kind of funny because my behavior had been more like Dudley Dursley's.  


  1. You were so not rude at all whatsoever. I fully expected you guys to have that room (and truth be told I was relieved as the cobwebs freaked me out). It made perfect sense but I didn't realise you really truly did the Harry Potter thing. I thought you were just joking. hahaaa. You're so cute :-)

  2. Tracey,

    You're so sweet.

    Were there less cobwebs downstairs?

    I kind of didn't understand why the cleaners hadn't vacuumed and dusted more, Was it supposed to add to the rustic charm of the whole thing?

  3. you slept in the closet? I didn't know this post was going to be autobiographical ♥
    It is kinda weird that you slept in the closet.. (maybe it was a big closet?)

  4. HappyOrganist,

    Yeah. It was a nice big closet.

  5. It was a huge closet!

    The cleaning thing...the bathroom and the kitchen were very clean but other aspects were not at all. I mean it was cleaner than my house but I was a bit surprised too. The cobwebs ... well the cathedral ceilings make it hard to clean. There weren't any downstairs :-)