Monday, March 24, 2014

Darius Perkins and Fish and Chips

Every day I watch one or two episodes of Home and Away and one episode of Neighbours. 

For Home and Away, I'm watching episodes from 1989.

For Neighbours, I'm watching episodes from 1985 or 1986. 

So, it's not in synch.

Sometimes there are fun coincidences, though. 

A month or so ago, an actor named Darius Perkins was on both shows that I was watching.  He was a regular on Neighbours. He played Scott Robinson, a nice kid with a nice family living on Ramsey street.

On Home and Away, he played a very creepy and annoying con artist who was trying to steal money from almost everyone in Summer Bay.

Before he started doing the con stuff, he was falsely accused of rape by Carly Morris.

At the same time, on Neighbours, I was seeing him in a storyline about his best friend Danny Ramsey being falsely accused of mugging someone.  

Then both stories also involved the not-guilty party asking someone else to lie to protect them.  In Neighbours, Darius Perkins played the one asked to lie.  In Home and Away, he was the one needing someone else to lie.

Then this week I had another coincidence. Yesterday, on Home and Away, Stacey Macklin accidentally threw away Bobbie and Frank Morgan's dinner. Bobbie announced that they'd have to go get fish and chips.

Today, on my Neighbours episode, Danny Ramsey was having trouble making dinner, and he (or someone else) suggested getting fish and chips.

I'm wondering if fish and chips is the typical meal that Australians get if they ruin dinner.

In America, I think our go-to meal failure replacement is pizza.  At least that's what's mentioned in Disney World's Carousel of Progress. When 1990's dad burns the Christmas turkey with his amazing interactive oven, it's suggested that they'll have to order pizza.

Wait. I just found the script for Carousel of Progress. They don't order pizza. They talk about making frozen pizza. Actually, that makes more sense.  I'm not sure pizza delivery is open on Christmas.  

Back to Darius Perkins. I did some googling just now and saw he's back on Neighbours.  He's playing a different character right now, though.

Well, actually it looks like he's gone already. It wasn't a long role.