Friday, June 27, 2014

Best Friends

Tonight we watched Mary and Max. It's a beautiful movie about unlikely friendships.

I can relate right now. Because this week my best friend is my John Gorton butterfly. He (or maybe she) is very sweet. He likes climbing up my arm to my shirt and then hanging out on my back. 

I like watching him eat, sucking up simple syrup with his tiny uncurled proboscis. 

I think John Gorton the butterfly misses flying. But I hope I've made his life, as a walking butterfly, a fairly decent one. 


  1. So much for me saying they only live two days. Mary and Max is a brilliant piece of work. The maker lives ten minutes walk from where you stayed in St Kilda.

  2. Andrew,

    You weren't wrong. I looked it up and there are types of butterflies that live only a few days.

    Oh! So maybe we walked past Adam Elliot, and we didn't even know it. I wonder if I'd recognize him?

    No...well, looking at his picture. I don't think I would. But I might have thought "Oh, he looks vaguely familiar" or "That guy looks like someone we know...but who?"

    Yeah. I agree with you about it being brilliant.