Thursday, June 12, 2014

Energy Vampires

My big thing right now (besides Australia and Minecraft) is reading books by Indie authors.  These are authors who are not published by the big publishing houses.  Many of them, like me, have published their own books using Amazon Kindle or a website called Smashwords.

I've grown a to-read list on GoodReads consisting of indie authors.  I use my beloved to determine what book I'll read next.

This week I ended up with a book called Atancia.

I should just lie now and say, I saw the cover and was excited to see it's about Australia.  Because if you are normal person with normal observation skills, you would see the Sydney Opera House right there in the picture.


I didn't notice until just now when uploading the picture to my blog post.

So I'm reading this book, which was quite wonderful. Then young Atancia meets a guy.  They talk. She asks where he lives. Answer: Australia!  I was very excited.  I love reading Australian books.  I also love it when I think a book is NOT Australia related and I learn I'm wrong.

It was good enough that there was an Australian character in the book, or at least a character who lived in Australia.  (I was never quite sure if he actually had an Aussie accent or not, or if he was more of an expat).  Okay, but then they actually go to Australia, and it ends up most of the book takes place there.

The energy vampire family lives in The Blue Mountains.  The characters also visit Sydney, though. They hang out around Circular Quay, visit the Opera House, etc.

Without Australia, I'd still say it was a great book. But add Australia to the mix, and it becomes a super great book. At least for me.

I had wondered if the author was Australian. I still don't know the answer to that question. Her biography on GoodReads says she was born in Lima, Peru.  Maybe she moved to Australia later?  Or it could be she's like me and has just visited Australia.  OR it might be she's never been to Australia and was able to write about it anyway.  I think these days it's possible to do that.  There are so many helpful websites...especially Google Maps.

Someone who lives in the The Blue Mountains might read her book and find mistakes (if there are any).  I've only been there once, and I'm not an expert on the place.  I just see keywords like Three Sisters, steep railroad, and Katoomba and I'm satisfied.

The only thing I questioned was there was a scene where they're at a restaurant, and one of the characters mentions ordering Vegemite. I think maybe he was joking, though. I just don't know if there's a restaurant in Australia where they have Vegemite on the menu.  I mean you can order toast and get Vegemite with it.  But I don't think there's usually Vegemite as a menu item.  It's like coming to America and saying, I'll have the peanut butter.

I think either the author made a mistake...or more likely, the character was sort of teasing the American.  I can't remember if he was suggesting the American get Vegemite or he was saying he'd get it.

Anyway, I loved this book and put the sequel on my to-read list.

Oh, and you know what's awesome. I read the first book for free.  That's one of the great things about Indie authors. We're desperate for readers, so will often offer freebies and discounts.

Unfortunately, Atancia's free promo days are over, so if you want the book, you'll have to pay $1.99. That's not bad, though.

I hope a lot of people read this book and it becomes super popular. I think it deserves to be.

I hope more people read Indie books in general. I'm so glad I've gotten into this, because I've discovered some great books.  Yes, some books are not so great.  But I'm also still reading traditionally published books, and some of those aren't so wonderful either.  And of course, it's all subjective. The books I label as great might be labeled as crap by other readers. The books I label as being not-so-great might be treasures to other readers.