Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Favorite Aussie Music

I was thinking I should do a post about my favorite Australian music. I have an Aussie Spotify list with about 1100 songs. Well, Spotify says it has 1116 songs, but I'm going to give a more approximate number, because I think there might be a few repeats.

Sometimes I like multiple songs from one performer/group, and sometimes I like just one song.

One of my favorite groups is Youth Group.  I think their songs are beautiful.  That's one of the reasons I like them. The other reason is I once dreamed of one of their songs.

This one....

My dreams seem to have a big influence on what I love, like, and fear.

Oh! I just learned something new.  I knew the song was a cover song, and I was looking for the original singer. Then Lord Wiki told me it was actually American producers who asked Youth Group to do the song. They wanted it for the show The O.C.  Lord Wiki says the song was used in the show and also used in promos for the Australian broadcast. And then the song became popular in Australia.

But, anyway, the original was done by a German group called Alphaphille.

Here's another Youth Group song that I love.

Shit. This post might be long.  I'm looking at my list of songs and there are so many I like.

Or maybe I'll talk about some today and some another day.

As for Youth Group, those two songs above are probably my favorites, but I like others of theirs as well.

My other favorite group is Whitley.  I first heard of them from my friend Tracey. She sent me a link to their Like a Version rendition of "Dancing Queen".

That was my first introduction to Whitley and also my first introduction to Like a Version.

It's so beautiful.

When we were flying to Sydney in 2013, I had a really hard time falling asleep on the plane. I listened to music and the one song that helped me doze off was "Cheap Clothes" It was a lullaby for me.

I love the banjo in the beginning.  Or at least I think that's a banjo. I'm not really that good with instruments.

I ended up using the song in one of our trip videos. Tracey's in the video, which is fitting since she's the one who introduced me to Whitley in the first place.

The other Whitley song I love is the one they played in Dance Academy.  Just hearing the first few notes makes me want to cry.

You know what I'm going to do....Well, there are so many songs I like. And I can't keep embedding videos. But I want to talk more about the songs I love. SO, I'm just going to list the songs I love. If anyone is interested, they can google them. Or maybe some of you love the same songs, and you can shout out about that.

Okay. So here is my list.

Well, you know what. I'm going to leave out songs I loved in the past. Like Bee Gees stuff, The Wiggles, Cold Chisel, Missy Higgins, The Panics, Paul Kelly, Nick Cave, and Air Supply.  I still love that stuff, but for this post, I'm going to concentrate on stuff that's new to me.

1. "And the Boys" and "You're the One That I Want"(cover song) by Angus and Julie Stone

2. "Shelter for My Soul" and "Moreton Bay" by Bernard Fanning

3. "Biding my Time" and "Better Be Home Soon"(cover song) by Busby Marou

4. Various cover songs by Damien Leith

5. "Like it Like That" by Guy Sebastian

6. Bran Nue Dae and Sapphires stuff from Jessica Mauboy

7. "The Last Day on Earth by Kate Miller-Heidke.  (Another Dance Academy song)

8. "He's My Boy" and "Stompin at Maroubra by Little Pattie

9. "Animal Kingdom", "I See You I Need You" and "No Better Way" by Mark Boulle and the Haba Dudes

10. "Light Home" and "Brother" by Matt Corby.  Haunting music!

11. "Open Book" by Melody Pool

12. "Won't Give In" (cover song) by Sara Storer...I also like her duet "Clare" with Peter Denahy.

13. "Julian" by Say Lou Lou

14. "Riptide" by Vance Joy

15. "This Love" by The Veronicas

16. "The Curse Stops Here" by the Whitlams

There's so much more, but I could go on...way too long.

There are some singers I like in general but no specific songs.  For example, Wolfmother, Archie Roach, and Slim Dusty.

And then there are songs and singers I loved in the past, but I've grown tired of the songs.  I'll probably like them again in the future.

So...that's my list.

What are YOUR favorite Aussie songs and singers?

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