Friday, June 20, 2014

Myths and Stereotypes


Three posts in one day.  I feel like I'm spamming. I apologize if someone has me on a feed, and I'm bombarding them with my crap.

But then it kind of balances itself out. At times, I'll go a week without posting...and sometimes much longer.

Anyway, this post will be short.

I just wanted to share this link to a very funny FunTrivia quiz I just took. It's about the things us foreigners imagine about Australians.  Of course, I don't believe them anymore.  And I think on an intellectual level, even in my ignorant days, I would have known most were silly stereotypes.  But I think a part of me might have imagined them happening.

It's like I know people in the Netherlands don't all walk around wearing wooden shoes.  But if you ask me to close my eyes and picture The Netherlands, I might picture a blond girl in braids wearing her wooden shoes.

As someone from Texas, I feel compelled to ask this, do you have stereotypes about about us that you know are probably not true, yet you imagine them anyway?  For example, you probably know we don't all wear cowboy hats all the time.  But if I asked you to imagine me going to the grocery store, would you imagine a shop full of people wearing their cowboy hats, big belts, and boots?