Saturday, June 14, 2014

Quizzes and Mistakes

Recent events in my life have given me a strong desire to play Australian trivia games. Unfortunately, I'm a little tired of QuizUp.  I mean I'm not tired of the game in general, because there are a ton of topics. But I am tired of doing the same Australian questions over and over.

So today I googled Australian Prime Minister quizzes, and I found that FunTrivia has a whole page of Australian government quizzes. I've used FunTrivia before for Aussie trivia, but I don't think I knew they had a government page. I think the trick is to be specific when searching for quizzes. I think I usually just search for Australia quizzes...or trivia.  But that's probably too general.  

I took the first quiz on the page which is about political quotes. I got a 7 out of 10. I'm fairly happy with that, because for the most part I knew the ones I got right. It wasn't just a matter of random lucky guessing. I like proving to myself that I've actually learned something through these years of writing this blog. I need that ego boost sometimes.  


One of the ones I got wrong was a quote from William McMahon.  During an election campaign, he said, I ask you to carefully consider the record of my government and vote Labor. That's not a good thing for a LIBERAL Prime Minister to say. Major oops.

Reading that made me feel better though. Because although I do fairly okay with Australian government quote quizzes, the same can't be said for my proofreading skills. Anyone who reads this blog on a regular basis could attest to that fact. My friend is reading my book now and she emails me every so often to tell me I've confused characters in my book. Today I got an email telling me I did it about 5 times on the same page.  I corrected it and tried not to feel too horribly ashamed. 

It's so easy to say the wrong thing, and it's easy to write the wrong thing and not notice you've written the wrong thing even if you've read it over multiple times.  Or maybe I shouldn't say that. Maybe I should say it's easy for SOME of us. Other folks probably have their heads screwed on better.