Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Spoilers and Changes (Spoiler Warning :1990's Home and Away)

Last night I took a FunTrivia quiz about Home and Away. Some of the questions were about things I'v already seen. Some questions would have been spoilers for me if I hadn't already seen the spoilers before. Then there were some questions that were meaningless to me—things about characters I haven't encountered yet.

I then went ahead and started surfing around the Back to the Bay website. I found more precise details about things I already knew were going to happen.

The thing is...I'm dreading the changes.

What I dread the most is the loss of Tom and Pippa.

Sometime in 1990, Tom's going to die of a heart attack. I'm in the 1989 episodes, so this event is approaching.

Then sometime after Tom dies, Pippa is going to be played by a new actress.  The actress I've grown accustomed to is Vanessa Downing. Her time as Pippa was short. According to IMDb, she was on 363 episodes. In comparison, her successor (Debra Lawrance) was on the show from 1990 to 2009. She wasn't full-time for all those years, though. I think her big time was 1990-1998. Then after that she came on occasionally for special appearances.

I'm wondering what's going to happen to my relationship with Home and Away. Will I keep watching it for years and become so used to Debra Lawrance that I hardly remember Vanessa Downing?  Will I become okay with Pippa being with Michael rather than Tom?

Or will the changes bother me so much that I quit watching eventually?

Then there's Tom and Pippa's foster kids.  Carly's leaving within a year or two. Bobby's going to drown at some point.  I think Steven sticks around for some time, and I know Sally sticks around for a long time. I'll miss them, but maybe I'll become attached to new characters.

I adored Lynn, the first foster child to leave the show. I thought I'd miss her, but I really don't.

I was glad to see Frank leave. He was getting on my nerves.

I think changes are pretty much always difficult...at least when they first happen. With some, I can never quite get over them. The older was better, and I swim around in nostalgia. Then other changes don't seem so bad after they've happened...especially after some time has passed. Then it's hard to remember why I liked the old way in the first place.   

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