Friday, October 17, 2014

Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular

I was looking at Doctor Who photos on Flickr, and I saw that a guy named Carlos Parejo has photos from a Doctor Who event in Sydney.  It's called the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular.

Here's a crowd of Doctor Who fans. Actually, they might not all be fans. Some may be parents, partners, or children of fans. In our household, Jack and I are big fans. Although Jack says I'm more obsessed than him. Tim tolerates it. Or maybe he likes it. I keep telling him he doesn't need to watch it with me, but then he says he wants to. Maybe he likes it, but with less enthusiasm than me. I keep hoping he's not watching it as some kind of self-sacrificing gesture. Because I'd rather watch it alone in that case.


Let me get back to the photos.

Here's someone dressed in white carrying an umbrella. I think she's part of the show. But who is she? I don't know. Maybe she's from the old series. Or maybe she's from season 5 and above. We haven't watched those yet.

Here's River Song. I think that's really Alex Kingston. Probably. I guess she was one of the guest stars of the concert.

Here are Daleks. I see them in Minecraft now. They're quite good at killing me and destroying huge chunks of my house.

I looked at the website for the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular.  They do concerts in the UK and Australia/New Zealand.  I wonder if this is because Australia has the largest fan base outside of Australia. Or is it some kind of Commonwealth connection? But then why don't they do concerts in Canada and South Africa, or any of the other Commonwealth nations?

I wish they had the concert here in the United States. I can't say I'd go. I'm cheap and lazy when it comes to concerts. But it would be nice knowing it was available.

If there are any Doctor Who fans reading this, and they happen to live in Australia...and they happen to like going to concerts, there will be three in 2015.  On January 24, there'll be one in Adelaide. On January 31, there'll be one in Perth. And on February 7, there will be one in Sydney.