Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Wonderful Aquarium

I dreamed about Australia last night.

In one dream: We are staying in Sydney, but away from the city. We travel into the city, but we're not staying all day, because Jack wants to go to the movie later. He wants to take a break from being a tourist and do something normal. 

I sit in in the courtyard of a hotel or apartment complex. It has this huge aquarium in the middle and people can sit around it. I sit there and watch turtles and sea lions. I love it, and wish I could be here all the time. I think about how I'd want to move here, and even better, actually live right near the aquarium.

I regret telling Jack we'd go to the movie, because I don't want to have to rush and leave the city. Then I get the idea that we could see the movie in the city instead of rushing back.

In the other dream: We catch a bus from our hotel to go somewhere in the city. But while we're on the bus, I overhear talk of Newcastle. I then realize we got on the wrong bus. Instead of being on a city bus, we're on a city-linking bus. The bus driver/tour guide tells us there are two buses that pick people up from our hotel. We got on the wrong one. A man and his traveling companion sheepishly let us know that they made the same mistake. We're not alone. I start thinking about how Newcastle is over two hours away. I really don't want to go that far and then have to turn around again. I ask the driver if there's anything that can be done. There's a feeling that I'm asking too much from the driver.

I think if that happened in real life, we'd just take the opportunity to explore Newcastle. Or maybe not. I'd probably prefer to be kindly dropped off somewhere in Sydney. But if that wasn't possible. it might be fun to see Newcastle. I think my biggest regret would not be going to Newcastle, but the fact that we'd be coming and going on the same day. I'm not a big fan of long day trips.

After my first dream about Australia, I remember thinking about my Australia dreams. I think it may have been a dream within a dream, because when I woke up I remembered that I was thinking about it while taking a walk. I didn't take a walk in the middle of the night, so I'm going to guess it was probably another dream.

But anyway...I thought about how the Australia of my dreams might be even more fantastic than the real Australia. And it's easier and cheaper for me to go there. The only problem is I can't get there on a consistent basis. It would be great if I had the power to do that.

I probably don't agree with that idea, though. I actually think the real Australia is usually better than the one in my dreams. Or at least equal.

I'm not sure why I was so excited about an aquarium. It's not like I'm a huge aquarium fan. And we actually have one in Fort Worth that's kind of like the one in my dream. It's not in the middle of a courtyard. It's at the zoo, in a restaurant. While you eat, you can watch the turtles and fish. Plus, there's a salt water crocodile. It's pretty cool.