Sunday, October 5, 2014

Using a Storyline From the Secret Life of Us in My Lecture

I dreamed about The Secret Life of Us last night. It seemed a bit random, because it's been several weeks since I've watched that show.  And I don't think I've been thinking about it lately.

The dream: Tim's stepfather tries to sell Tim some kind of appliance. (maybe a vacuum cleaner?) He's going through this long sales pitch, and I get the idea it's part of a pyramid scheme. 

Some time later I pull my stepfather-in-law aside and try to convey the idea to him that pyramid schemes are bad news. I do this by telling him what happened in The Secret Life of Us.  I can't remember Deborah Mailman's character's name, so I decide to call her Natalie. I talk about how she tried to sell overpriced laundry detergent for this pyramid scheme. Then I suddenly remember her selling pills. I get confused, but then decide maybe she was selling two separate things. I mention to my stepfather-in-law that the pills cost $70.

This was another dream incident where my subconscious fails to know something that my conscious self knows. As soon as I woke up, I was able to remember Deborah Mailman's name on The Secret Life of Us (Kelly).

I'm not sure why my brain was thinking of the name Natalie. Nor do I know why I had pyramid schemes in my head. 

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