Thursday, November 20, 2014

My Travel Plans for Eight Years From Now

As I said in a recent post, I played my travel planning Google Maps game.  I actually wrote a whole post about it on Tuesday. Then in frustration, I deleted the post. What went wrong? Well, I had it in my mind that we'd drive from Brisbane to Sydney. Then I read that the Pacific Highway is a dangerous road. All roads are dangerous, and all roads scare me. But if a road has a reputation as being scary; I feel it's best that we skip it.

So I deleted my plans and started over.

This is what I have for now. And in the next eight years or so (before we actually go) it will probably change again.

I have us flying to Brisbane. We'll stay there for two nights. It will give us one day in the city to look around and start to recover from jet lag.

Then we'll drive to the Gold Coat and spend five nights there. I don't know where we'll stay. The main attraction for me is Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.  Or maybe not. It's expensive! More expensive than Featherdale and Wildlife Sydney. I'll have to do research to see if it's worth the extra money.

The main attraction for Jack is Dreamworld. But that's 13-year-old Jack. I'm not sure the same will be said for 21-year-old Jack. I don't even know if he'll want to travel with us to Australia.  If he doesn't go with us, I don't imagine we'll stop at Dreamworld.

If Jack isn't with us, I'm not even sure we'll go to the Gold Coast. It kind of looks like a big tourist Las Vegas. But I feel silly judging it, since I'm a huge fan of Disney World. It's kind of hypocritical of me.

Have you been to the Gold Coast? If so, what did you think of it? Do you have favorite places there?

So anyway.....

After either staying in the Gold Coast or driving past the Gold Coast, we'll go somewhere in the Byron Bay area. I'll have to do more research. We could  go there, or maybe Ballina. We'll spend three nights there, which will give us two full days.  If, when reading about it, I realize it's a place I might adore, we'll spend a few more nights.  At this point, I imagine it to be a place for trendy wealthy hippies. I'm not sure if that's my thing. Or maybe it IS my thing. I really don't know.

After Byron Bay, we'll drive back to Brisbane. We'll spend one night there, and then we'll fly out to Hobart.

So now we're on to Tasmania, which, for now, I'm more excited about than Queensland. But that will change a zillion times in the next eight years.

We'll spend four nights in Hobart. I probably want to see Port Arthur. I might want to visit MoMA. It's likely we'll go to the Salamanca Markets. My parents went to an animal park in the area. I'd like to see that.

I doubt I'll go to MoMA. It's not cheap. And I don't even like modern art that much.

What else do people do in Hobart?

I think I found the park my parents went to. It's Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary. It's more affordable than Currumbin.  If I'm not in my usual cheap mood and I feel like totally spoiling myself, I'll do this Face To Face Feeding Frenzy activity. It's $149 per person. But you get to help feed Tasmanian Devils!

And you know what...I think the money goes to a good cause. From what I see on the website, it seems to be a charitable organization with the goal of helping the animals. They're not just out for a profit. They might not be seeking profit at all.

After Hobart, we'll drive up the east coast to the Coles Bay area. We'll spend three nights there. Or more.  Then I want to go to Wing's Wildlife Park. It's a holiday park with an animal park. It's like a dream come true for me. Although I worry it's too good to be true, and there's going to be something awful about it. I'll have to do more research.  When I did research in the past, though...I don't remember encountering anything to scare me off.

After Wing's, we'll go to Cradle Mountain for a few nights.

After that, I was thinking of staying in some small town. Maybe Sheffield—the one with the murals. Or there's the town with the cool mailboxes.  Any other recommendations?

After that we'll drive back to Hobart. We'll stay a night there, because I don't want to fly right after doing a long drive.

We'll fly to Brisbane. I think we should spend a couple more nights there.

Then we'll return to Texas.

Or somewhere else. Who knows if we'll still be living in Texas.

We might not even be alive period.

All humans might be gone. From what I've learned from watching Doctor Who, the human race is in drastic danger pretty much every day.

If we're all still alive in eight years; there's still an Australia; and I can afford to go there, I shall be thanking my lucky stars.  Or I'll the thank the Doctor and his Tardis.


JW said...

Hi! I just discovered your blog and have read a few posts ;)

As an Australian, I enjoy reading about my country from your perspective. I've been to the States 3 times and I love your country.

Have you considered driving from Melbourne to Adelaide via The Great Ocean Road? It's one of my favourite drives! The scenery is divine! From Adelaide you could then go to Kangaroo Island (lots of natural Australian beauty and animals!) then you also have the option of heading into the bush from Adelaide too! :)

Dina said...



I have definitely considered the Great Ocean Road; and driving from Melbourne to Adelaide. I'd love to go to Kangaroo Island.

There are so many places, in Australia, I want to visit. Eventually, I'll have to decide on something. We won't have the money or time to do all of it. Through the years, I've made so many trip plans. Most of them get scrapped, unfortunately.

Thanks for reading some of my blog!

Where in the States have you been to? Any favorite places?

mysliceofoz said...


I've been to LA, San Fran, San Diego, New Orleans, Orlando, DC, NYC, Boston, Rockport (MA), Salem (MA), Chicago, Cary (NC) and Vegas.

Definite favourites are San Francisco, New Orleans, Boston, Rockport and New York City. Although have yet to visit a place in the States that I dislike :)

Travel plans are hard! Especially when there are so many places to visit!! I find it hard to go to new places when I've already been somewhere (hence why I've been to New York City 3 times and San Fran, Boston and Rockport twice haha)!my

Dina said...


I'm the same way about going to new places! It's even harder to find the time, when I keep wanting to return to the old places I love.

For example, in the three times we've been to Australia, we've spent at least a week in Sydney. If we had given up Sydney, there'd be much more time for other places.

As for the US places, we love New York too! We don't get around much here either because we're too busy returning to Disney World and NYC.