Thursday, February 19, 2015

On February 19 I Go To Australia Alone

Last night I dreamed: I find something that I imagine might be a portal to Australia. I go through it and find myself inside a bed and breakfast type place. I worry about people noticing me and labeling me as an intruder. I also start to worry about finding my way back home. Tim is not at home, and I worry about Jack being left alone with no parents.  

I don't remember or understand enough of the dream to describe the rest; although at one point I think I realized I might have been in Canada rather than Australia.

The weird thing is this. After writing down the dream, I went to read my dream from last year on this date. On that night, I dreamed about flying to Australia alone. At the point of leaving, I began to feel bad about going without Jack.  That's a little weird but not overly weird. But then I wrote down on a separate Livejournal entry that the year before I also had a similar dream.

SO...for three years in a row, on February 19, I've dreamed about feeling like I've abandoned Jack to go to Australia.

One thing that might diminish the amazingness of the coincidence, is that feeling turmoil about going to Australia without my family is a recurring dream for me.  I mean I'm not dreaming it on a weekly basis, or even a monthly basis. But I'm pretty sure I've had dreams like that on mornings that are NOT February 19.  

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