Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mad Max, Childhood's End, and Other Stuff (AKA I'm going to Ramble)

Today I started watching City Homicide. Lara Robinson guest-starred on the episode as a little girl threatened by a house fire. I know her from Upper Middle Bogan.  She plays Bess's daughter, Edwina.

I looked at Robinson's filmography, and saw that she's going to be in the upcoming miniseries Childhood's End.  I sort of recognized that title, because Julian McMahon is in it. I was stalking his filmography one night...a few weeks ago.

There are some other names in the cast I recognize: Haley Magnus (from Slide), Ashley Zuckerman (from Rush)....

Well, I thought there were more people, There's just two. Plus Lara Robinson and Julian McMahon.

I wonder if the miniseries will be any good.  If we hear good things about it, maybe we'll try watching it.  I'm kind of picky about science fiction/fantasy type stuff, though.  I've started a few shows, and then didn't want to go past the first episode. Examples: Inside the Dome, The Leftovers, Being Human, Helix, V (the new and NOT improved version), and Penny Dreadful. There might be more that I'm forgetting.

I sound horribly picky. Sorry. But there ARE things I like...LOVE, even. I loved Lost.  I loved In the Flesh.  I'm still heartbroken that In the Flesh has been canceled.

I love The Walking Dead. Sometimes.

I also liked Farscape.

See? I don't hate on everything.

There's a chance I could like Childhood's End.

It might annoy me, though, if it's one of those shows where all the Australian actors have American accents.  This could be the case, because it's an American production filmed in Victoria. So they might be pretending Victoria is the United States.  I prefer that it's one of those things where at least some of the characters are Australian. It's just my own prejudices, though. I don't sit there complaining about the lack of Canadian characters on Bates Motel.  (Though I do complain often that Emma's CF cough sounds nothing like the CF coughs I've heard)

So...I might see Childhood's End, and I might like it.

I probably will NOT see Mad Max: Fury Road.   I feel obligated to want to see it, because it has such a strong Australian connection, and it's gotten a VERY high score on Rotten Tomatoes. 98!!!!

But I'm not that good at seeing movies.  If I see something, it's usually because Jack suggested a Movie Tavern family field trip.  Jack told me this morning he's not interested in seeing Mad Max. I didn't fight him on it, because I'm not that interested in seeing it either.  Honestly, the little interest I do have is not about the Australian bit. It's about Tom Hardy. But truthfully. All I want is Bane. I should just watch a bunch of Bane videos and I'll be satisfied.

Every so often we watch movies on our television.  Maybe we'll watch the Mad Max thing when it comes out on DVD. Although the Australian thing I want to watch much more than that is The Babadook.  It's available to me...via Netflix. But I'm scared to watch it.  A few nights ago I had scary dreams about the new (and probably not improved) Poltergeist movie.  I woke up and was totally spooked out by the stuffed animals we have sitting on the chair near the window.  Especially this big Mario doll. That plumber may be cute in a video game. He's not cute sitting on our chair. He looks quite sinister.

Mad Max got a 98 on Rotten Tomatoes. I'm really curious about what Poltergeist is going to get. I used to love seeing movies. Now I think I get more excitement out of reading the Rotten Tomato scores than I do when actually watching the movies.

The other movie I'm curious about is Tomorrowland. What score will it receive? If it's high, Jack might be interested in adding it to our Movie Tavern excursion.