Monday, May 25, 2015

Quiz Games, The Sydney Morning Herald, Stan, and Villains,

1. Dreamed about an upcoming test on Australia. My niece and Jack have a test coming up about Australia.  I decide to play a quiz game to help them study. I plan to use questions from Quiz-Up, and we can also make up questions. My two young almost-Australian cousins are there. I plan on having them participate in the game. I think about how there are four people with us we can consider to be experts on Australia—me, my nephews, and...(some other person. I'm not sure who)

I decide the game will have no winners. I'll just call out questions. Sometimes the question will go to all, and anyone can shout out the answer. Other times, I'll call on individuals.

At one point, I think about the Australian name for cotton candy. I try to remember if it's sugar floss or candy floss.

When I woke up, I remembered it was fairy floss.

There was also something about a giant ice-cream dessert and trying to remember the name.

I dreamed about quizzes because my niece has exams soon, and I tried to help her study a little bit.  I thought about how it might be fun to get the other kids involved, and ask all of them questions.  Well, and I actually tried a little. But I didn't have her study notes around, and couldn't remember most of the questions.

2. Realized the game with no winners bit came from our balloon fight yesterday. We did have teams but decided to just go wild and get each other wet, rather than turn it into an organized game with winners and losers.

3. Wondered if Jack was my fourth expert, on Australia, in the dream. Maybe he was studying for the quiz, AND he already knew a lot about Australia.

Or it could have been just my niece who had the test. I'm not 100% sure whether Jack had the test too or not.

4. Considered buying the Sydney Morning Herald online, so I will no longer get messages saying I'm close to reaching my limit of free articles per month. But it's way too expensive, in my opinion.  It's $12.50 for the first three months, and then $25 after that.  I understand the company has to keep their business afloat.  It's just hard for me to have the desire to pay that much, when there's so much other stuff online I can read for free.

I think one of the reasons it's so expensive is that it comes with something called Stan. Stan is some kind of video-streaming service.  So if one is desiring that, it might be a good deal.

I wonder if I'm missing something, and somewhere there's a way to get the digital newspaper without the Stan. And then the price will be lower.

5. Wondered if Stan has any good Aussie shows, and if I'd be allowed to watch it from Texas.  But what's interesting is that on The Sydney Morning Herald description of Sam, it promotes UK and US TV shows rather than Australian ones.

6. Saw on the SMH site that you can read thirty free articles a month! That's pretty good. I thought it was much less than ten.  Or fifteen.

7. Clicked on a SMH article from Google News to see how many free articles I have left. I didn't even get a warning this time.  Maybe they only send warnings out when you get close to the limit.

I think I've been actually avoiding articles from the SMH  My mindset has been to save up my free articles for when they have has an exclusive that interests me.  Often, if there's an article in The Sydney Morning Herald about a subject that interests me, I can find the same information elsewhere. But I figure that's not always going to be the case.

8. Decided since it is towards the end of May, I should just use up my free articles within the next couple of days.  I'll just keep clicking.

9. Clicked on two articles and got a message that I've read 8/10 free articles for this month! So I WAS right about the ten. Why don't I get thirty free articles? Is it because I'm not in Australia?

10. Followed the link provided by the warning. Here they have a less expensive option. It's $7.50 for the first three months, and then $15. That does not include Stan.

That's better, but I'm still not going to get it.

I think I'm fine with the free ten articles a month. Though I'm still wondering why I don't get the thirty.  

11. Went to the Stan website. You have to have an Australian address to use it.

12. Started watching another episode of Wentworth.  I NEED someone to kick the ass of Jacs (Kris McQuade). As a villain, I think she's as infuriating as Professor Umbridge.

13. Wondered if Jacs will maintain her level of wickedness. Or will the show eventually show us that she has a vulnerable side.

14. Looked in the mirror, and realized without make-up, I look like I'm a Wentworth woman.   Well...not all of them. I mean the ones who've neglected their physical appearance.