Sunday, May 31, 2015

Spiritual Connections, Venom, North Queensland, and Vanity

1. Figured I will post this tomorrow night, rather than tonight. We're going to be busy helping my parents babysit tonight. I won't have much time to proofread.

2. Dreamed various dreams about Australia. In one, we're soon to go to Australia on one trip; then come home, and soon after leave for another Australia trip.  That would be pretty awesome! 

Although it might be better to just make one long trip to Australia, so we don't have to pay for and endure double the flights.  

3. Dreamed about our Australian friends—Tracey and her family. Then, in the morning, after writing down the dream, I read my dream from last month (April 30) and I had dreamed about them then too. I dream about them fairly often. It's strange, because Tracey and I hardly talk to each other anymore. She doesn't play a big part in my waking life, but she still plays a big part in my subconscious. Also, there's been these coincidences involving her family and mine, which makes me think we're all somehow spiritually connected.  

It makes me feel conflicted. If we have some kind of spiritual connection, is it wrong that I'm not talking to Tracey more often? Should we be making more of an effort?  Or is it okay to just let things go...and go with the flow.  Maybe whatever is meant to happen will happen whether we put effort into it or not.  

I kind of like the second answer, but it might just be because I'm lazy.

4. Read one of my posts from February 2011. I was very obsessed with Lionel Logue back then.  

Also in those days, like today, I struggled with trying to decide where to go on our next trip to Australia. I had this idea that I kind of like. Write down places, and then each time I feel that place calling to me, give it a point. Then when it's time to pick where to go, I can count up the points. 

I question the method though, because what if...let's say Broken Hill ends up with the most points. But by the time we go to Australia (years from now) I have this sudden strong attraction to Tamworth?  Should I go with the more acute attraction or the chronic one?  

5. Decided maybe it's best to go to the place with the most points rather than the place I'm suddenly attracted to.  It's like with Lionel Logue. If we had gone to Australia in 2011, I would have wanted to embark on some kind of Logue pilmagridge. But I soon got over that.  Some obsessions are long-term. Others are very short-lived.  

6. Tried to think of when I'd give places points. Maybe it will be if I dream about the place, or if I read a blog post that makes me attracted to the place. I might read about a place in a book, or see it in a TV show.  I mean I'm not going to give points to every place I see on a TV show. If that was the case, Melbourne would win for sure. But I'll give points to the place, if I find it attractive on the TV show.

7. Tried to think of what TV show settings attracted me.

I think the top one is Wonderland, which takes place in a beach suburb of Sydney.

I like the setting of Reef Doctors, which is funny, because I've never had much interest in going to North Queensland.  

8. Watched some The Saddle Club. Poor Stevie has a pimple.

I don't think I ever had an embarrassing pimple as a teen. But I did once have an embarrassing eye thing once...big blood spot.  

Now I have skin discoloration on my face, including a bit that makes me look like I have a mustache. Plus, I'm hunchbacked. 

Maybe it's better though to have these things when you're older.  I think the self-esteem of teens are usually more fragile.

9. Watched more of The Saddle Club and saw that the pimple was the least of Stevie's problems. She ended up with a head injury? Why? Because she was being vain, and didn't want her helmut covering up her hair. 

10. Tried to remember if there have been times in my life where I let vanity get in the way of my safety.

11. Considered taking a break from trying to find new books to like, and instead read books I've already read and loved. I miss the days when I'd read the same books over and over.

There are some Australian books that I loved, but I hardly remember anything about them. I think I have an inability to remember books unless I've read them more than once.

The Aussie book that most comes to mind is A Fraction of the Whole.  I think I'll reread that soon. 

It's also a practical matter. It's hard for me to get to the library right now.

12. Wondered if putting certain chemicals on my face and hair would count as putting vanity before safety. Probably. It depends on who you ask. I worried a bit about hair dye, but read some studies that made me conclude it's not much of a risk if you use the dyes occasionally.  I think it's more risky for people who work with the dyes as their career.

13. Started watching an episode of Reef Doctors. This one involves spiders!

There was a cute spider walking around my room yesterday. Though I was a little nervous, because I thought it might crawl into the cricket cage.  

14. Wanted to report that I got huge amount of Darrell Lea black licorice from Tim. Yum.
I'm going to maybe share some bags with my family. I think they all like black licorice.  I know my older sister is a fan. I'm not sure about my parents and younger sister. I know they like it, but I'm not sure they'd be pleased with a bag of it.

I'll see....

15. Suggested to my family that they might like Wentworth. I feel kind of bad, because I haven't tried many of the shows they've suggested.  I think the exception is Ugly Betty. My mom had suggested that to us. My parents often recommend movies and TV shows. I barely take the suggestions. So I can't really be offended if they don't listen to mine.  

16. Watched more of Reef Doctors, and actually felt some small desire to visit the Great Barrier Reef. But one rule I'd want to make for myself is NO cameras. If I go in the water, I want to just enjoy the sights and not try to capture something for Flickr or Instagram.  

17. Wondered if I'm kidding myself. We went snorkeling at Disney World, and even that was overwhelming for me. Or not overwhelming. But I didn't really enjoy the experience. I also had a hard time in Manly when I did the scuba with sharks thing.

18. Figured I'm probably one of those people who is better off looking at fish and coral at an aquarium—looking through the glass.

19. Tried to find information about the Great Barrier Reef for people who don't like snorkeling. Is it worth to go just for the tropical atmosphere?

20. Found this article. It suggests glass bottom boats. It's less magical than actually being immersed in the water, but it might be okay.  

I don't think it's the reef that's really attracting me, though. I think it's more the general atmosphere.  I've usually told myself that I don't want to go to North Queensland, because if I want tropics, I can go to Miami, Hawaii, or the Caribbean.  But we DON'T often go to those places. Why not go in Australia? Then we get the lovely tropical life, and also all the fun Aussie stuff. I can sit under a palm tree while eating a Caramello Koala.

21. Decided that another reason I've changed my mind about North Queensland is, my feelings about crocodiles have changed. I used to dislike them. Now I find them to be quite adorable. 

I still would prefer that they not eat me.

22. Ate some of my black licorice.

23. Started watching a video from our time in Melbourne. It's from the day that Tim and Jack went to a sports event with some of our friends; and Tracey and I hung out around the city. I think we spent most of the time in the library.  

24. Saw that the video includes the next day as well—when we went to the Melbourne Museum.  
I somehow lost most of my footage from the museum, so there's not much on the video. I don't really remember what happened to it. Maybe I accidentally deleted it.

25. Started watching another episode of The Reef Doctors.

One of the ongoing storylines/themes of the show is venom research. It got me thinking.  Some medications, that humans use, was developed thanks to this research.  Would militant vegans avoid such medications if they needed it? I think by definition they should...if they're the type that believes all use and exploitation of animals is wrong.

That's why, I personally believe, it's better to be a relaxed vegan.  

26. Started reading an article about venom research and medication.  

There's a medicine called Prialt. The article says it's more powerful than morphine, and unlike morphine, it's not addictive.  It was developed from the venomous cone snail.

27. Learned from the article that there are six drugs, made from venom protein, that are approved by the FDA.

28. Wondered if Prialt would help relieve the pain of those stung by the Irukandji.  On Reef Doctors, they said morphine doesn't help at all.   

29. Googled morphine and Irukandji. Lord Wiki doesn't say it doesn't help. But maybe even though it helps, the pain is so horrific, even with the morphine, it's still unbearable.  

30. Thought that one of the guest stars on Reef Doctors (Tony Nikolakopoulos) has a similar voice and accent to Marshall Napier.

31. Saw That Tony Nikolakopoulos is on season two and three of Wentworth!

32. Continued to be disgusted and aggravated by Dr. D'Allessandro (Richard Brancatisano).  He has that attitude seen in some doctors—the idea that a patient couldn't possibly know or understand anything medical related, since they never attended medical school. 

These doctors have that need to be right, and they're usually unwilling to listen.  

33. Glad to see that the doctor's attitude is changing a bit. I'm betting that one of the main storylines of Reef Doctors is going to be the betterment of Dr. D'Allesandro.

He's not strong enough yet to admit his mistakes, but he does work to fix them.  

34. Proud of Dr D'Allesandro. He just admitted that he made a mistake!  He seemed regretful, and wanted to make things right. That makes me happy.

35. Wished there were more seasons of Reef Doctors. I'm enjoying the show.  I like the characters...even the ones with negative personality traits.  I love the setting. I'm intrigued by the medical and dangerous animal storylines.

36. Reminded of my feelings about Lord Howe Island.  When I learned about it, I was more attracted to living there than visiting there. I feel the same way about the little fictional island on Reef Doctors.  I think I've always had an attraction to small town living—probably from being a fan of Stephen King books.  You add small town to island life, and I think it all becomes extremely attractive to me. Then the fact that it's in Australia!   

33. Hoped that I didn't get too attached to the idea of going to North Queensland. I don't think it's going to be cheap and easy to go from there to Hobart.

But maybe I'll lose interest in Hobart.

34. Thought about how going to both would be a pain weather-wise as well.  For north Queensland, we'd probably want to go in the winter. But with Hobart, we'd probably want to go in the summer....or at least late Spring or early Autumn.  

35. Decided to play a little Minecraft. That makes me feel like I'm on an island somewhere. Well, because in my current game, I'm on an island.

36. Had a venomous animal adventure of my own.

We had a wasp in the house.

37. Disturbed by the teenage behavior described in the Caravan of Courage blog. We arrived at Streaky Bay and headed for the caravan park, along the way we heard a huge thump, only to find some teenagers throwing things at passing vans, more accurately ours.

Isn't that very dangerous?  If so...did the teens not care? Or did they just not understand how dangerous it could be?

What's great is that when the kids ran away, they accidentally left some of their stuff. The Caravan of Courage folks turned it all into the police.  Then later the kids came back to find their stuff, and the police were waiting for them.

38. Started watching another episode of Reef Doctors. This one has an exciting beginning. Sharks! And lots of them.

39. Read about very expensive mangos on Eric Thompson's Japan blog. They were 9,800 yen, which equals $79 in US dollars, and $103 in Australian dollars.

40. Played around some more with the money exchange calculator. It confuses me.

41. Read that Liam Hemsworth is going to be in the sequel to Independence Day. I didn't know they were making a sequel.

I think I prefer these sequels of fairly-old movies over all the remakes.

Didn't the earthlings beat the aliens in the first Independence Day? I guess the aliens are going to return? Or new aliens are going to show up, perhaps?

When are we going to have an alien invasion in real life? I mean the kind with big saucers hovering in the sky, and we all know about it.

We might end up needing venom-research to fight them.

42. Hoped the invading aliens aren't venomous.