Sunday, May 24, 2015

Wentworth, Mario Kart, Dresses, and Violence,

1 Had a dream, and somehow Asher Keddie was involved. I'm not sure how.

I think it might have been one of those dreams where sometimes I'm the main character, and other times I'm an observer?  Or maybe I was the main character all the time, but sometimes instead of being myself, I was Asher Keddie.  Well, actually it was more like I was a character being played by Asher Keddie. I don't have memory of being an actress in my dream.

2. Started watching the second episode of Wentworth. Yesterday, I guessed that Vera Bennett (Kate Atkinson) would be the psycho, cruel guard. I was very wrong about that...well, at least so far. Now it looks like Jackson (Robbie Magasiva) is going to take on that role. He tore up a picture drawn by a front of the child.

3. Decided my favorite character, so far, on Wentworth is Doreen Anderson (Shareena Clanton).  She made a huge mistake in life and strongly regrets it. She tries to be a better person.  I like storylines like that.

4. Reminded of my sister's wedding when watching the end of Wentworth, because they played Sarah McLachlan's"Answer". My sister had a singer sing that at the wedding. Then when I made a video about the wedding weekend, I used that song in part of it.

5. Watched the Mario Kart: Fury Road video. It's pretty clever. They took the Mad Max trailer and make it look like a Mario Kart movie.

If anyone ever does decide to make a Mario Kart movie, I hope it looks somewhat like that.

Hey! Maybe one day George Miller will want to make a Mario Kart movie.

6. Wondered if George Miller has ever played Mario Kart.

Does he play any video games?

7. Loved the dress I'm wearing, because it  reminds me of something people would wear in Manjipoor.  It makes me feel young and beautiful. Though, later I'll see pictures of myself wearing it, and I'll probably be disappointed.  It's likely I won't look young, and I won't look beautiful. I'll probably look foolish and frumpy.

8. Started watching one of the Doctor Who titled episodes of Wentworth—The Girl Who Waited.  I wonder if the Wentworth episode will be as heart-wrenching as the Doctor Who episode.

9. Intrigued by Frankie's (Nicole da Silva) storyline. Her crime was attacking a bully while filming a reality TV show.

I wonder if any real life reality TV folks have lost the plot and gone on the a violent and dangerous way.

10. Faced a bit of my evil side. Because now that I know Frankie's crime, I'm starting to like her.

It's not that I condone violence...against anyone. At least not in real life.

But it does bring me satisfaction to see certain types of fictional people being physically harmed.

11. Realized I also don't have a problem with fictional (imagined) violence against REAL people. Sometimes that can be cathartic. I think it's fine as long as real action's not taken.

12.  Thought that Davidson (Leeanna Walsman) looks a bit like Kirsten Dunst.

13. Saw that Leeanna Walsman has the same birthday as me.

14. Showed Jack that some of the Wentworth episode titles are Doctor Who titles.