Monday, August 24, 2015

Aggressive Koalas, Hugh Sheridan, Sexual Harassment, and Breaks from Babies

1. Dreamed that, we drive near a McDonalds and see large scary bears. One seems to be a Grizzly bear. I'm a bit freaked out.

We head back to our property, and I'm hoping not to see any animals. 

I see some horses, and maybe some deer. Then I see a koala standing by the road. It waves at me.

We get close to the our destination, and I try to get in and close the gate before a group of koalas come in with us. I'm too late. They get inside. 

The koalas seem to be aggressive, but not in a dangerous way; more in a social way.

2. Dreamed that we are at a touristy area (Reminds me of World Showcase at Epcot). I find some small Aboriginal artifacts. For some reason, I assume they're free—like it's a finders-keepers thing. I take them with me as we walk. 

Later a man entertaining/speaking with a microphone makes an announcement. He asks that no one take any Aboriginal artifacts. They should stay where they are. I feel he must be talking to me. It seems unfair to me, since I found them in a way that makes it seem I should be able to keep them. But I decide I'll either put them back or leave them at the table we're sitting at.

My dad has recently read or watched something about different groups of Aboriginal people. At the table, he mentions some of the stuff he's learned.

I can't remember why I thought the Aboriginal artifacts were there for me to take. Maybe they were in some kind of bin of free stuff?

3. Dreamed that Tim is driving me to the doctor. We stop at a restaurant, and I realize he wants to eat first. I worry about being late. He says we don't need to eat, but I can tell he's annoyed about skipping it. For some reason, I start to wonder if prisons have vegetarian food. I vaguely remember a scene from Wentworth where they point out the vegetarian dish. 

4. Learned that there's going to be a biography TV-movie about Peter Allen.

I looked it up, because the past few days I've had a lot of people coming to my Peter Allen post. I wondered what was up with that.

5. Saw that one of the actors in the upcoming Peter Allen movie is Scott Sheridan. I wonder if he's related to Hugh Sheridan. IMDb has a photo of Scott. I see a vague resemblance.

6. Learned from Lord Wiki that Hugh Sheridan has six siblings. One of them might be Scott?

7. Learned that Hugh Sheridan is a singer. He sang the national anthem at some sporting event.

He also has an album out called "Speak Love"

8. Started to watch video for "Speak Love."

It's not the video for the whole album. It's just that one of the songs is also called "Speak Love".

9. Thought the song was a bit preachy.

I guess that's okay.

Who am I to talk?  My blog gets a bit preachy at time.

10. Thought Hugh Sheridan was cute, because it looks like he's trying to be serious and soulful, but then often he starts cracking up. Well, he doesn't start laughing.  But a smile comes to his face, and it's like he can't put a stop to it.

11. Started watching an episode of Neighbours.

12. Disgusted with what Karl (Alan Fletcher) says in his speech against topless waitors.

He says, Human beings are not a piece of meat. They are complex and sensitive creatures.

Uh...what about pieces of real meat?  Sorry to say, but they come from complex and sensitive creatures as well.

13. Thought that Aaron (Matt Wilson) had a good point about sexual harassment. It makes me rethink my position on things.

Kyle (Chris Milligan) talks about double standards. It's okay for women to objectify men, but when men do it to women; it's sexual harassment. He says this, because he spent the day working as a topless waiter, and a woman pinched him.

Aaron says the difference is that he and Kyle are being paid to show off their bodies. That's different from having a job where your body appearance shouldn't matter.

The only thing is, Aaron talks about getting one's ass pinched when trying to do carpentry and gardening work.  That didn't happen to Amy (Zoe Cramond).  Someone whistled at her.  I think that's different.  I don't think anyone should have to deal with being touched—unless they're being paid extra, and they're okay with it.

14. Realized some people might not be okay with it, but they deal with it, because otherwise they might lose their jobs. That's sad, and unfair.

15. Wondered about places like Hooters. What if someone pinches one of the waitresses? Is that allowed? Does the waitress have a right to be upset?

16. Read one person's account. He doesn't work at Hooters, but his girlfriend did. He says pinching and stuff like that happens, but those who do it, get in trouble.

I hope what he says is usually true.

17. Felt that the only workers who should be sexually touched by patrons are sex workers.

Now if someone puts their hand on someone's arm in an innocent gentle way, I don't think that's evil. But I think stuff like pinching and groping are wrong.

18. Thought Kyle getting pinched as a topless waiter was worse than Amy being whistled at as a carpenter/gardner.  But it could be my own personal feelings. Other people might prefer the pinches over the whistles.

19. Looked at my mail and saw that yesterday I signed a petition about grizzly bears. That's probably why I dreamed about them.

The koalas probably came from the recent story of a woman being chased by one.

20. Started watching an episode of Packed to the Rafters.

21. Saw that Ben (Hugh Sheridan) is putting a lot of pressure on Mel (Zoe Ventoura) to start a family.  I feel bad for both of them. I think it's hard when a couple is in disagreement about having children.

Ben seems extremely eager. Mel doesn't seem eager at all. It seems if she had her choice, they might never have children.

22. Thought that disagreements about starting a family seem impossible to solve. How can you force someone to have children when they don't want them? And how can you deprive someone of having children when they want them?

It's such a huge thing.

23. Saw actor that looked very familiar on Packed to the Rafters.

24. Found out who he is! It's Torquil Neilson who played Jake on The Secret Life of Us. He was Kelly's (Deborah Mailman) boyfriend.

25. Wondered if there really is a Heath method.  It's talked about on Packed to the Rafters—some kind of parenting method where it's advised for parents to separate from the child at regular intervals. It's the reason given by a mother for why she's leaving her baby behind to go to Hunter Valley with her husband.

26. Could not find anything about a Heath method. Maybe it was invented for the show. Or perhaps I'm spelling it wrong?

27. Thought of a book I had when Jack was a baby. It advised against overnight mother-child separation. I followed that. I don't regret it. I wasn't in the mood to have a night without Jack, anyway.

I do wonder if it's that bad, though.

Well, I don't really think so.

If a parent needs a few nights away, I think it's a good idea for them to take them.

What I don't believe is that all parents NEED nights away. I definitely don't think the child needs time away. I also don't believe it can help or save a marriage.

If two parents are feeling hateful towards each other when they're with their child, I don't see how being away from the child will help. They'll likely just argue and have uncomfortable moments of silence.

If the mom and dad have feelings of love towards each other, those can be expressed in brief stolen moments when the baby is still in the house with them.  Sex might not be feasible, but they can kiss, hug, hold hands, chat, enjoy playing with their baby together, etc.

28. Saw that Mel and Ben worked out their family planning disagreement...quite easily.

They both want the same thing now.

Sadly, they're not going to get it.

29. Wondered if sudden strong harmony between people is an ominous sign.

30. Started watching another episode of Packed to the Rafters.

31. Saw that one of the guest stars is a doctor from All Saints. I forgot the actor's name, but I think the character was named Ben?

32. Looked up the actor's name. It's Martin Lynes.

He was also on another show I watched. Maybe the small business one? I forgot the name of that.

I just need to scroll down on Lynes' filmography.

33. Saw that Martin Lynes was not on Very Small Business. Oops.

He was on Sea Patrol. He played the baddie on that.

He's actually on ten episodes of Packed to the Rafters. So I haven't seen the last of him. Is this his first episode; or has he been on ones before?

34. Saw that this is his first episode.

He's talking to Rachel (Jessica Marais). Is he going to be competing with Jake (James Stewart)?

35. Thought it was very rude of Rachel to confront the silent-but-deadly fart suspect in the elevator.

Maybe he has a medical condition.

Even if he doesn't, I don't think people can create silent-but-deadly farts on demand. I seriously doubt he's doing it on purpose.

36. Intrigued by fight between Rachel and her mother (Rebecca Gibney).

Rachel excitedly tells her mom about a job offer she's received. Her mother is not quite thrilled, mostly because she's tired from baby-parenting.

I think they're both to blame for the fight.

Julie was way too negative. She rained on Rachel's parade. She responds as if Rachel asked for advice. It seems to me Rachel was really wanting applause and support.

I think Rachel is to blame, because she was negative about women who choose to focus on motherhood and being a housewife.  At one point, she uses the wrong word. She tries to tell her mother that these things are fine, but not for her. She should have then said, I want something different. What she said was, I want something more. This implies that being a housewife/mother is less valuable than having a career.

37. Heard further conversations that make me think I missed something in the fight. Apparently, Rachel did ask for advice.

Still...I think sometimes people ask for advice and they really just want you to back them up with what they already did or plan to do.

38. Thought of a family member that recently asked for our opinions about something she already did. We all agreed that she did the right thing. What if one of us wrote that we felt she did the wrong thing?  I have a feeling there might have been hurt feelings and a fight.

39. Went to the Triple J 2014 list.

Today I'm going to listen to "Beware the Dog" by the Griswolds. It's the 28th song on the list.

I think I've heard music by them before.

40. Saw that I do not have any songs by the Griswolds on my Spotify list.

How did I miss them?

Or are they not on Spotify?

41. Saw that they are on Spotify.

"Beware the Dog" is their most popular song on there.

42. Started watching the video for "Beware the Dog"

There's Little Red Riding Hood imagery.

42. Thought the song sounded familar.

I'm wondering if I've heard it on an American radio station.

Maybe it's popular here?

43. Figured if I heard it on an American radio station, they would have probably changed the words. It has an explicit lyric chorus.

My other guess is that my niece has played it when I'm around. She likes to play songs with explicit lyrics.

44. Found out how I know the song.

Tim has it on his Spotify list!

He made a list for our Disneyland road trip last year; and I kept the list. I listen to it sometimes.

45. Learned from Lord Wiki that "Beware the Dog" was very popular on the Sirius Station Alt-Nation. It spent four weeks at #1.

46. Started to watch a Neighbours backstage video. This one stars Morgana O'Reilly.

47. Saw Morgana O'Reilly get slapped by Eve Morey.

I remember the fight. It was a good one.

I wish, though, that the backstage video gave more details about how a slap is done—the sound effects, choreography, etc.

Or maybe there are no sound effects or choreography. Maybe it was a real slap., probably, not.

48. Wondered that about sex scenes. Well, because I read this novel written by a soap opera actor, and it talked about the fake sex scenes actually being real sex scenes.

There are sex scenes that so explicit.  I have to wonder if it's for real.

In a way, it seems easier to just have real sex; than to do all that work to fake it.