Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Imagination, Dangerous Substances, T-shirt Ideas, and Confessions

1. Had dreams about Australia.

In one, I talk to my parents about us going to places in Texas together. One has an Australian park that I like. My dad's not interested. He vetoes the whole thing.  I try to use an analogy about his love for golf to get him to see why going to the park is important to me. I also consider going to the park with my mom and leaving my dad behind.  

I've had recurring dreams about the same park.

In another dream, we're leaving for Australia soon, and I'm struggling to pack. Meanwhile Tim wants to play a trick on someone which involves warning our neighbor to expect guests and having my medical test results sent to the wrong place. I'm not into doing the whole joke and am stressed about getting the packing done.

The dream continued later. We're heading to Australia, and I realize I forgot to pack all our medication. I'm stressed about this. Tim says we'll be able to buy some of it in Australia but maybe not all.

I have very little clothes and worry about this as well. At one point, I take inventory and realize I've brought a shirt or a pair of shorts that advertises a sorority. I'm annoyed, since it's totally not my kind of thing.

2. Dreamed also about the sister of my almost-Australian cousin. She's planning to move to Australia too. She wants to live across the street from her sister which also happens to be the place where we're staying. But from what I've heard, it seems she'll have to live in a building that we can see from where we are. It's a little farther away, though. My cousin whines that she wants to be near us. I tell her we're only going to be there a few days.  

3. Didn't feel 100% sure that my almost-Australian cousin lived across the street. I might be making that up. Although in some way, I suppose I made up the whole dream. So what does it matter?

Actually, to be honest...I have a hard time believing I make up my own dreams. I mean I have a hard time accepting that it's some kind subconscious brain mechanism.

I imagine it being something like the dream creators in Inside Out or that there are spiritual beings that create our dreams for us.

That being said. I also can't shake the belief that every stuffed animal in our house has a soul. I worry about their feelings and worry about them feeling lonely.

Basically...I have a Pixar brain.

3. Started watching an episode of Neighbours.

4. Saw Josh (Harley Bonner) turning into a criminal in order to get money to save his baby. Turning to crime to help someone you love is somewhat sympathetic. But in Josh's case?  I'm not sure he's actually doing it to save his baby. I think he's trying to help the baby, so he can win Amber (Jenna Rosenow) from Daniel (Tim Phillips).

Josh wants to make enough money, so Amber and the baby can afford surgery in the United States. There's not a lot of evidence showing that the surgery can make much of a difference. Is Josh really wanting to save the baby or is he just eager to get him and Amber on an American-adventure together?

5. Thought about Josh's crime. He's actually doing something that's physically harmful to others.

6. Felt it was one thing selling drugs to people who know they're buying an illicit, and maybe dangerous, substance. It's another thing selling it to people who think they're just getting a supplement.

Josh sold the drugs to Kyle (Chris Milligan). I don't think Kyle had any intention of taking something dangerous or illegal.

7. Proud of Josh for deciding to drop out of the supplement business. At least he's not gone completely evil. Yet.

I get the sense that he'll be talked into staying. Unfortunately.

8. Asked by Jack whether I'd want an Australian or Brazilian pavilion at the World Showcase in Epcot.

I said Australia, of course.

Then I struggled to imagine what it could have.

Jack suggested a barbecue in the outback. I agreed with that and pictured a barbecue at a caravan park. Very casual.

But then I decided that World Showcase is more town/city focused.

They should probably have the Sydney Opera House; then maybe represent the outback in some way and have a small aquarium to represent the Great Barrier Reef.

I actually feel Australia would fit better at the Animal Kingdom in Disney World. It's not that Australia doesn't have great cities and human culture stuff. But I think one of the main highlights- especially for us tourists-is the flora and fauna.

9. Thought that it's really hard to represent a whole country in one small Epcot pavilion.

10. Started to watch another episode of Neighbours even though most of the storylines are boring me right now.

11. Saw Paige (Olympia Valance) wearing a Yankees T-shirt and Toadie (Ryan Moloney) wearing a Harvard shirt.

Really! What is the deal with the American t-shirts?

I don't get it.

 12. Liked that the people on Ramsey Street wear American-related T-shirts. It makes me feel that they love my country, and that gives me a warm feeling.

But MAYBE it might be nice to mix things up a bit. How about t-shirts advertising local businesses in Melbourne?  Or even other businesses around Australia.

How about t-shirts for Australian movies. It would be cool if someone wore a Wolf Creek shirt. How about one for The Castle?

There are Australian music groups....

How about Australian products? A Vegemite shirt?

Then there are other countries. It might be cool to see someone wearing an Iceland shirt. Or Thailand, maybe?

13. Found some Drop Bear T-shirts.

That might be fun.

14. Loved this shirt.  I would be so happy to see someone on Neighbours wearing it.

15. Wondered what the law is in terms of t-shirts.  Can characters wear anything?  If they wear a T-shirt advertising a movie, do they have to pay some kind of fee?  Do they have to get permission?

I would think it's legal as long as the shirt is officially licensed.

16. Had another good T-shirt idea. How about local charity events?  If done too often, it might make Neighbours look like a public service announcement. But I think every so often, a character can wear a shirt they received for doing a walk-a-thon or participating in a charity bingo game.

17. Wondered if the American t-shirt thing is not about love. Maybe the US is desperate to promote themselves and sends free t-shirts to soap opera studios in the UK and Australia.

18. Happy to hear Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) talking about his dad Jim Robinson (Alan Dale). He talks about Jim being an engineer. I sort of remember that.  I think maybe Jim wanted Paul to be an engineer as well. Paul dropped out of school to work, and I don't think Jim was too pleased about that.

19. Proud of Tyler (Travis Burns) for finally coming clean about working for Dimato.

I think there's truth to the motto, The Truth Will Set You Free...even if you do end up in prison.

20. Decided it depends on the truth and who you tell.

Sometimes it's better to keep things a secret.  If it's the type of secret that will hurt someone's feelings, it might be best to keep it quiet.  If it's the type of secret that's being kept because of blackmail, it's probably best to tell.

Then there are the secrets you know you will have to tell eventually...even though it's going to upset someone. You dread telling the person; you dread their reaction; you worry what the fall-out will be; but the waiting is hard as well.

An example of that situation is Amber having to tell Daniel that the baby might not be his.

21. Thought of an example of a secret that should be kept. Let's say your friend has a baby and you think it's horribly ugly. It's probably best to keep that to yourself.

22. Went to the Triple J 2014 list.

Today I'm going to listen to song #21. It's from Like a Version; and it's Chet Faker singing "(Lover) You Don't Treat Me No Good". Since it's a Like a Version song, I'm assuming it's a cover.  Who sings the original?

23. Learned from Lord Wiki that the original song was recorded in 1992 by an American soul group called Sonia Dada.  It became a number one hit in Australia.  It didn't do as well in the United States.

24. Watched Chet Faker sing "You Don't Treat Me No Good" on Like a Version.

25. Liked the song a lot.  At least this version. It has a gospel feel to it.

26. Started singing along towards the end.

27. Listened to Sonia Dada sing the song.

I like this too.

28. Started watching a Neighbours backstage video.

This one is about the NEW Waterhole. I didn't know there was a new one. What happened to the old?

29. Saw Paul destroying a party for Kate (Ashleigh Brewer). He's probably upset that she's dead.

Stefan Dennis seems to enjoy doing the destruction scene.

I imagine it might be one of the funnest acting tasks.

30. Had idea that I've gotten it wrong. I assumed, since the video was titled "The New Waterhole", that it was replacing an old Waterhole. But the place it replaced was called Charlie's.

Although maybe it used to be The Waterhole?

31. Consulted The Perfect Blend about The Waterhole.

It was the original name of the Lassiter's bar.  That was from 1986-1994.

From 1994-1996 it was Chez Chez.

From 1997-2005, it was Lou's place.

From 2005-2007, it was Scarlet bar.

From 2007-2014, it was Charlie's.

In 2014, Paul and his niece were going to redesign the bar together. Kate died. And as I saw in the video, Paul had a grief tantrum and broke the bar.

32. Wondered what the bar will be called in the future.

33. Remembered the 1980's storyline. Or I'm trying to remember. It was with Jack Lassiter and the woman living with Des. The woman was struggling to have enough money to support herself and her son.

34. Found the woman, thanks to The Perfect Blend. Her name was Andrea, and she eventually married Jack Lassiter.

35. Reminded by the Perfect Blend that Andrea did favors for Paul. He had her flirt with Jack Lassiter with the purpose of convincing him to sell Lassiters to Paul.

36. Learned that Harold's Store used to be Daphne's restaurant!

37. Learned that the Willis's home used to be Daphne's house!  She lived there with Guy Pearce and other people.

38. Learned that the Brennan brothers are living in the house that used to belong to the Ramsey family—Max, Shane, and Danny.

39. Learned that the Canning family is living in the house where the Robinson family lived.

Chris Pappas (James Mason) lived there too.  He became friends, and co-parent, with Lucy Robinson (Melissa Bell); and she lived in that house as a child.

40. Missed 1980's Neighbours. Though I do prefer the new episodes.