Sunday, August 2, 2015

Nate on Neighbours, Rejection, Airport Flirting, and Farscape

1. Started watching an episode of Neighbours.

2. Liked the relationship between Nate (Meyne Wyatt) and Sheila (Collette Mann).

Then I realized I also like Nate with Imogen (Ariel Kaplan); Nate with Susan (Jackie Woodburne), Nate with Chris (James Mason),  etc.

I think I like Nate with pretty much everyone.

I probably just really like Nate.

Maybe he's my favorite character on Neighbours.

3. Felt bad for Nate. Thanks to Sheila's misguided gaydar, he flirts with someone who's not interested; and the someone is not too pleasant about it.

It kind of reminds me of something that happened to me at the airport. We were at the Delta Club. Tim and Jack went to the bathroom. Then this man came over to our little area and put his drink down at the table next to me.  I was shocked and felt he was invading my space. Then he asked me if I was with someone, and in a somewhat snotty tone I said, Just my husband and child.

The guy then told me he'd give me some space, and he walked away.

Later I started feeling bad. I mean I wasn't a total bitch to him, but I wasn't warm and friendly.

Was there a better way to handle it?

I started thinking, if I was single, him coming up to me would have been a good thing. But then I changed my mind. I didn't find him at all attractive.  Or even if I did, it wouldn't guarantee that I'd be looking for a potential date.  Also, what if I was single and did find him attractive, but I was in the mood to be alone?

On the other hand, some people might see airport clubs as a way to meet potential romantic partners. How do people do this without annoying those who want to be left alone?

4. Decided the blame goes more to me. I should have been more friendly—rejected him in a more civilized way.

5. Changed my mind.

I know what the problem was now. He came over, stood close to my chair, AND put his drink down. It's like he planned to sit down. It was too presumptuous.

It would be like going to an almost empty movie theater and sitting in the seat right next to someone; then striking up a conversation. That's creepy. I think the appropriate thing to do, in that situation, is sit several seats away from someone; and if desired, try to strike up a conversation from there.

If someone at an airport club, wants to try to meet someone; they can simply say hello as they walk by. If the other person seems friendly, and in the mood to talk; they can stop and chat for awhile. If the chatting gets intense, maybe THEN make a motion to sit down.

6. Started watching season two of Farscape on Netflix.

It looks like the Moya crew has gotten themselves rescued from whatever calamity they faced at the end of season one. I can't remember what happened, but I do remember intense dangerous drama.

There's something not right, though. Aeryn Sun (Claudia Black) has made some kind of deal with Crais (Lani John Tupu).  Now I guess he's holding that over her head.

7. Started to watch a Neighbours backstage video. This one stars Colette Manning who plays Sheila.

I'm having a hard time distinguishing between the actors being themselves and the actors saying their lines.

Am I saying that right?

I don't know.

How about: I'm having a hard time telling what is backstage stuff and what is not.

Sometimes I feel the actors are in character, but then they look at the camera.

8. Learned that Kate (Ashleigh Brewer) had an an affair wit Kyle (Chris Milligan), and that Georgia (Saskia Hampele) found out at her engagement party.

Georgia was reading congratulation emails from the people that weren't there. And somehow Kate's email to Kyle, about their affair, got into the pile of emails that Georgia was reading.

9. Decided to watch another Farscape episode.

10. Thought about how Crichton (Ben Browder) makes jokes that the aliens probably wouldn't understand, but the viewer would. It's entertaining; and I guess it would make sense.  Even without an television viewing audience, we sometimes make jokes for our own benefit only.

11. Paused Farscape to have a bit of a cat nap. I was sleepy, not bored.

I think that's the first time I've ever taken a nap in my computer chair. I usually lie down on the floor or move to the rocking chair.

12. Thought of Offspring. Didn't Nina (Asher Keddie) and Leo (Patrick Brammall) meet at an airport club?

I want to watch that scene, and see how it was done.

13. Started watching some of Offspring. Nina and Leo don't have their first encounter in an airport club. They meet in the general area. Nina sits down next to Leo...which isn't very awkward because the airport is crowded.

The thing with the airport club is there are sections with a group of chairs facing each other. Maybe four?  It seems to me these sections are for people who know each other—friends, family, colleagues, etc.  I would say it's almost equivalent to a restaurant table.  Sitting down next to a stranger in a place with that configuration wouldn't be much different than sitting down next to a random stranger at a mall food court.  Or like in my case, putting one's drink or food down as if one planned to sit down.

On the other hand, if a mall is crowded, it's not so strange to sit down next to a bunch of strangers on a bench.

14. Wondered if there's official etiquette about all this. I'm sure, if there is, that it varies by culture.

I think, in the culture I belong to, the main factor is crowd levels.  The more crowded a place is, the more you can expect to lose personal space. If a place is not crowded, it's invasive to sit too close to someone.

If I sit on a crowded bus, I should expect a stranger to sit next to me.

If I'm a bus with many seats available, a stranger should definitely not sit next to me.  Even if I was single, available, and the stranger was very attractive; as soon as they put their butt down, they'd probably lose all attractiveness.