Sunday, March 18, 2018

My Life in 1985 (Part 1)

We plan to move in the next few years. The last two times we moved, we upsized. This time we're going to be downsizing...which means we need to do some decluttering.

Right now I have the luxury of having a whole walk in closet filled with bins of diaries and documents I rarely look at. I shall probably need to discard a lot of stuff.

I've been thinking lately that I need to reacquaint and bond with my younger self by reading my old diaries. So what I'm planning to do is read the diaries, use my blog to copy things I find weird and/or interesting, and then...I guess I'll throw away the diary.  (Yikes!!)  

The first diary I'm going to look at is from 1985.  I'm pretty sure it's my first one. My first entry is November 20, which was two days before my 13th birthday. we go.

Note: Punctuation is almost completely absent in the diary, so I'm going to add least periods. 

I got a bad grade on my Japan test. I don't want to show my parents. I don't know what they'll do. (11/21/85)   I find this strange. I can't remember my parents getting angry over grades. I think they were pretty relaxed when it came to that.  

I got 2 books from my parents and one from my younger sister Melissa. The pen I'm writing with now which is a glitter pen, a Cabbage Patch named Glynis Carolyn but we nicknamed her Carrie, Guess Jeans and Cabbage Patch Clothes which is so cute on Carrie.  (11/22/85) I was...How do you say it?  Immature, I guess. I don't like using that word, though, because it seems derogatory.  I used to be ashamed of the fact that I played with dolls into my teen years and probably would have kept playing with them past my college years if it was socially acceptable. And hey, I actually did get back into it when Jack was young. But now I think imaginary play should exist at all ages. I think these days non-children have more outlets, such as cosplay, interactive fan fiction, role-playing games, etc.  Those things existed back then too, but I think it was much more quieter and less socially accepted by mainstream society. 

Another note: I'm wondering who the hell gave me Guess Jeans. I've always hated wearing jeans. And I was never into wearing name-brand fashion.

I went to a party at the Herman's house. I met a girl named Karina. She was in 9th grade. She was really nice. I talked to her the whole time.  (11/24/85)  I think Karina might have been Australian. My dad worked with an Australian man, and I became friends with his daughter for a short time. This is significant, because I later became obsessed with Australia. Also I was socially awkward, so I think it was somewhat special for me to go a social gathering and find someone I could connect with so well. I'm not 100% sure Karina is the Aussie, but I'm pretty sure she was.   

I am hooked on the Muppet Baby song so badly. Everyone hates that song but me. (11/26/85).  I still like that song!  I think I had overestimated it's unpopularity.  I'm sure it is well-loved by many.  

The plane food was so gross. It was gross chicken and the fork and silverware was dirty. (11/27/85). Major cultural history there. This is back when you got hot meals on domestic economy!

I'm sleeping over Grandma and Grandpa Robert's house. (11/29/85). Grandpa would be dead a little over a month later. I wonder if he was noticeably sick.  We had often seen him getting treatments for heart disease, so I was probably used to him being ill. I'm not sure if I knew or would have noticed his worsening condition.