Monday, March 19, 2018

My Life in 1986 (Part 1)

Here are more excerpts from my teenage diary.

I was 13-years-old and in 7th grade.

Mr. Rector was weird today because he had a man inspecting our class. (1/9/86). This is something I have remembered and thought about periodically throughout my life. It's part of a life lesson in how people can act one way when they're trying to impress and a totally different way when they're not feeling the need to impress.

I'm not sure about Mr. Rector's behavior, though. Did he act in a way I'd today judge as being inappropriate?  Or was he a fun teacher with a cool sense of humor that was understood by teens but would have been misjudged by his supervisors? I have vague memories of him. I think he used humor a lot, but maybe it was a type of humor that relied on making fun of his students. He probably made us laugh sometimes and other times went too far.  Maybe I'll get more insight as I read more.

I want to see the movie Trolls so badly.  Jenny Beck is in that movie. She's Elizabeth from V.

(1/15/86) I was a big fan of V.

There was a bomb threat and school today. I sort of wished the school would blow up and I sort of didn't. It didn't blow up. (1/17/86). Well, we didn't often worry about being mass-murdered because of NRA greediness and selfishness, but I guess we still had some safety concerns.  I'm assuming my feelings would have been different if, at the time, many schools were being blown up. Danger is exciting until it becomes a fairly likely reality.

Erin is nice, but her listening habits stink. Tu is great perfect wonderful the best. Sometimes to good. (2/2/86) One thing 13-year-old Dina and 45-year-old Dina have in common: we're both very judgmental of other people's listening skills.

I'm noticing that I've stopped talking about my beloved Celeste. It's like she's ceased to exist. I'm guessing we already started drifting apart, but it was too painful for me to talk about.

I heart David Oliver, Han, and Lane (2/6/86). Note: There's an actual doodle of a heart there. David Oliver was an actor on Another World. He was one of my top three favorite celebrities; the others being Heather O'Rourke and Bridgette Anderson. All three died tragically young. So I've felt kind of cursed. Though now that I think of it, I also had a thing for Marc Singer. As far as I know, he's still alive.

Yep. Just checked. He's alive and turned seventy a few months ago. I had a crush on him, but it wasn't a romance crush. It was a I-wish-he-was-my-dad kind of crush.  I think we should look beyond romance crushes. I think there are all types: I wish he was my big brother.; I was she was my younger sister. I wish we were best friends. I wish I was her....

Back to my three mentioned loves. Han was in my class. I don't think I had much conversation WITH him, but I think I had an excessive amount of conversation ABOUT him. I think I drove my sister nuts.

I have no idea who Lane is.

I hate Mr. Rector so much. (2/13/86). But I don't explain why. And frankly, there's a lot of hating going on in my diary, especially towards teachers, so I'm not sure if he actually did anything that shocking.

We have to throw up for science class soon. I'm not. Even if I get a bad grade. (2/18/86). Amen to that! I have had a vomit phobia since fourth grade, but it wasn't as bad then as it is now.  But still!  I don't remember the experiment exactly, but it involved saltine crackers. I think you chew them; then spit it out, and study your saliva. But some people end up vomiting?  I think I somehow managed to miss the event.

I am sick. I have a sore throat and headaches. I am tired. (2/26/86). I end up getting mono that year, so maybe this the beginning of that.  A few lines down: My back hurts right now. I am sick sick sick.