Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Good Ugly News!

I am feeling better about being ugly!


I think I figured something out.

I think neurology is causing the problem! mouth has become crooked in the last year or so.  I think that's what's really making me ugly, more so than the weight gain or the melasma on my cheeks.

My smile is really, really awful.

I thought the problem was my old cross-bite. I thought it had returned because I haven't worn a retainer in years.  But I've been looking at my teeth, and I'm not seeing any wrongful overlapping.

I think my LIPS aren't moving the way they should.

Yeah. It's not fun losing attractiveness.

But I think it's worse when you feel you're the cause. You didn't wear your retainer after your parents spent all that money on braces. You didn't wear sunblock, so now your skin is damaged. You're putting too much hot fudge on your ice-cream every night, so now you have a double chin. You were trying to imitate the chef at the Hibachi restaurant, and made some major mistakes with the knife....

Now I'll need to figure out if there are mouth exercises I can do to fix this.  Or medicine...if I ever see a neurologist.

Maybe there are teas. I'm really into drinking tea lately.

If I can't fix it, I'll just learn to live with it.

And I'll remember, that there's beauty in ugly. 

Edited to Add: Now I'm having my doubts. Maybe it IS my teeth...or jaw. That might be what's crooked. 

Also maybe the crookedness has been there for awhile, but it didn't look awful until I gained all this weight.

I don't know.

I'm confused.

And...I'm feeling even more and more ugly.