Thursday, August 2, 2018

The Flowery Journal My Sister Gave Me (Part 5)

The journal stuff continues....

Note: Stuff written in blue is what was printed in the journal. The stuff in green is what I filled in.

I received the journal in 1996, and I'm guessing what I filled in was mostly done in that year.

The most influential people during my childhood were probably authors such as Caroline Haywood, Beverley Cleary, Sydney Taylor Roald Dahl, Judy Blume, etc. 

That makes sense. I was a bookworm. Though, I think that at the time I was filling out the journal, my career dream was to be an author of children's books. So that's probably why writers came to my mind when answering the question.  

The differences they made in my life-They gave me a world to escape to, to learn from, and probably influenced me to be a writer.

Yep. I definitely had writing careers on my mind. 

When I was small, I confided in Melissa.

That's my younger sister, the one who gave me the journal.

I confide in her less now, but still do sometimes.  

My source of comfort was Melissa, but probably my stuffed animals more so. 

I think I'm still the same way.  Well, Melissa is probably not my main source of human comfort. Though she's probably in the top 10.  

BUT I still find more comfort from non-human sources—books, TV shows, cats, my blankets, food, trees, tiny spiders, etc.

And I felt most protected by I guess my parents. Maybe also the crosswalk guard.  

I wonder what I saw as threats when I was a child. 

I know I had strong fears, but I'm not sure I often felt deeply threatened by those fears.  

What types of things worried me, and did I feel my parents would be willing and able to protect me?  

Did I worry about disease? war? death? getting lost? being kidnapped?  

I don't know.....