Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Why Did I Feel So Sick Last Night?

I am full of medical mystery. I have mysterious unexplained pains. I have mysterious shitty, weird feelings. I have episodes where I spit up huge amounts of saliva.

I think there's a part of me that wants my seizure diagnosis to explain it all.

BUT I'm realizing it doesn't work that way, and I'm finding that frustrating.

I don't think there's a doctor that can say. Yes, that, that, and that. Those are all seizures.

We could argue that if I go on medication and particular symptoms don't disappear; then those symptoms are NOT seizures.  But I've been reading that medication doesn't always magically make all your seizures disappear. Some seizures can be stubborn.

So anyway. I might just have to live with the mystery. I can probably say only, This MIGHT be a seizure.

Last night is an example.  I got this feeling that I get occasionally.  I started to feel like I'm coming down with something.  As we watched our evening show, the feeling was vague. My throat felt  mildly scratchy, and I felt a bit run down. I took an elderberry pill. We've been taking those things every time we feel a bit off, and it seems to work miracles.

I went to bed feeling a little ill. I woke up around 10-11 to deal with cat stuff. I felt horrible.  I felt like I was in the midst of the flu.  I wasn't too worried, though, because I've been through this before.  I took another elderberry pill, went back to sleep, and when I woke up again around 1:30, I felt much better.

Now the feeling is totally gone.

This has happened to me many times. I don't always check my temperature, but when I have, my temperature is always normal.

So...what is it?

A) A seizure.  Epilepsy can cause a variety of weird feelings—both good and bad. Is this one of them?  Though I Googled and can't find much about people feeling like they have the flu.

B) A psychological thing. Some kind of reaction to stress or anxiety.

C) I get infected with things, and my body fights it off quickly.  The elderberry helps with that. And elderberry IS known to be good at fighting viruses.  On the other hand, it might also work well as a placebo if I was having psychogenic symptoms. .

D) These episodes are caused by some other disease or syndrome. I've read recently about how epilepsy has a lot of comorbidities. .

A part of me wants to go with C, because there have been incidents where the elderberry seemed to work miracles on Tim and/or Jack as well.

On the other hand, in the past, I've had miraculous recoveries without the elderberry.  There was a time in Australia where I thought for sure I was getting sick; then the next day it appeared to be a false alarm.

It could just be that our bodies can fight these infections (sometimes) without elderberry. Recently my sister worried she was getting sick and ended up not getting sick.

Well, I just read the blog post about that day in Australia.  It turns out that, although I didn't take elderberry, I did take some kind of immunity booster.

After thinking about this, I'm leaning towards infection. The only thing that makes me lean towards epilepsy (or something else) is the lack of fever.  My feeling of shittiness doesn't match my body temperature.

But...who knows.

I wish I did, but I don't.