Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bonding with Malcolm Turnbull

I was just reading my old post about Malcolm Turnbull.

It was confusing at times, but I managed to understand some bits of my 2009 self.


I was delighted to see that the blogger who was once horribly mean to me shared a very negative view about Malcolm Turnbull in my comments section. 

I like Malcolm Turnbull. guess it's nice to know we're despised by the same person. It makes me feel like I'm in good company.  

I have to say I got a little more venom them Turnbull did.

He got only the labels vile, grubby, snide, and bastard.

I got: shithead, bunny boiler, vile example of an American, high up on my soap box (gotta give her credit; she's very right on that one), a know-it-all, smart-arse, a walking talking enema for draining the shit, wounded bint, ill-educated schnook, drama queen, whiney shit, 'tard, an attention sucking fuckwit, someone who got their degree by giving professors blow-jobs.

I was asked in a teasing/ridiculing manner if I had been molested by my father.

I was encouraged to cut myself, drink what's under the sink, and get a free hysterectomy so I don't do any further breeding.

For the record, I'm not a bunny boiler (figuratively or literally). I wasn't molested. Nor did I ever give a professor a blow job. Some of the other stuff might be true somewhat. Maybe?  It could be up for debate.

I can't say I feel like debating it.  


  1. I don't know why you would bother with someone who writes like that. Two months before the next federal election, the Liberal Party chucks Abbott out and puts Turnbull in and it wins the election in a landslide. But it seems some in the party can't work with Malcolm, so it may not happen.

  2. Andrew, Probably because they were Australian (or lived in Australia?) and I was blinded by my prejudicial love. But I'm better now with all that.

    I hope you're right about Turnbull. That would be great.

    I have a fantasy about Turnbull and Rudd forming a political party together.

  3. Also...I had seen her being awful towards others, but she was very charming towards me (initially).

    I liked the positive attention, especially coming from someone in Australia. So I was an idiot and tried to ignore her mean stuff.

    I definitely learned my lesson: Don't be okay with people who are horrible to others but charming to you. Because it's very likely they'll turn on you too.

    You's like the warning they give to people on first dates. If he's sweet to you and a jerk to the waiter; take that as a warning sign.

    Of course, none of us are nice to everyone all of the time. But if there's major venom involved; and such venom is not deserved....beware.

  4. Turnbull is probably a bit like Rudd - more likely to be popular with voters but less likely to be popular with party members. Who knows?

    But I do think Abbott is more a liability to the Liberal party than an asset.