Thursday, September 27, 2012

Restaurants in Surry Hills

I had an Australia dream last night:

Tim, Jack, and I are in Surry Hills.    

I'm amazed to be in Australia again. I feel I need to appreciate this and not take it for granted.

Jack plays some game that involves looking for restaurants. He's in an energetic, happy mood.

Tim is looking for restaurants for our dinner that night.  He assumes Jack is doing the same. Tim is in a very tense mood.  He acts annoyed with Jack.  

I try to explain to Tim that Jack is just looking for restaurants for fun.   

Then Tim runs and Jack tries to catch up to him.  I can't see details because I'm across the street (maybe?).  But it seems to me that Jack has started crying.  

I'm not sure if the dream has any meaning, besides a general message on contrasting moods and misunderstandings.