Friday, September 14, 2012

Different Types of Marriage

I'm watching more of Q and A and seeing more of Archbishop Peter Jensen. 

It turns out that he's the guy who recently said that, in marriage vows, it's recommended that the bride say she'll submit to the husband. 

I saw that in my iGoogle news the other day but didn't pay it any attention.

This is my feeling about it now:  I wouldn't want a marriage like that.

I definitely don't see myself as needing to submit to Tim.

If anything, Tim should be submitting to me.

But for the most part, I prefer a marriage of equality.

However, just as I support a lesbian woman having a marriage I might not choose; I support a Christian having a marriage I wouldn't want for myself.

And it's not just Christians. There are other sects within religions where males and females have more divided roles. For example, Orthodox Judaism. 

I wouldn't want to go to services where men and women are separated. I wouldn't want to have to take a ritual bath after having my period.  

That's not a life for me.

But I respect the fact that other women might be okay with that life. Some of them might even love that life.

For me personally, any type of marriage is long as both parties truly give their consent.

We say to those against gay marriage, if you're against it, then don't have one yourself.

The same goes for people against submitting to their new spouse.  If you're not for it; don't get married in a church that might insist you use those words. And certainly don't get married to a man who wants those words in the vows.  

We worry so much about same-gender people getting married and very religious people getting married.   The real problem is probably more along the lines of people with very different values getting married. 


  1. "I anything, Tim should be submitting to me."


  2. Fruitcake,

    I'll take your laughter as confirmation that you totally agree with me. Right?

    I HOPE that's what you mean.