Saturday, March 21, 2015

Creative Outlets

I've been happily re-addicted to Sims 2.  For the past several weeks, I've been using a large chunk of my free-time to play the game. All that was ruined yesterday when I noticed that Hulu now has Home and Away.  It was another thing to add to my to-watch list which is already frighteningly long. My to-read list is too long as well. So much fiction to consume, and there's not enough time. There's considerably even less time if you spend a lot of it playing a video game.

Yeah. Even those of us blessed with ample free time need to balance our priorities.

So Sims 2 is out for now.

I miss it, though. It might have been my creative outlet. Although I'm thinking it's really less about creating and more about clicking on toilets, sinks, refrigerators, beds, etc. 

Still I liked dwelling in a world that was partly of my creation.

I started wondering if I'd be okay without a creative outlet.

I reminded myself I can use my imagination for my daydreams...have fantasies.

Then I remembered my evening dreams. My subconscious has hours each night to create fantastic settings, stimulating interactions, and exciting adventures. 

But sometimes I get the idea that I'm NOT creating these nighttime stories. I start to think that there are dream fairies and dream angels who provide us with our dreams.

My idea about dreams is probably delusional. But hey...delusions take imagination.  In a way, they're a type of creative outlet.

It may be the case that without Sims 2, I'll be exercising a little less of my own imagination. But by reading more and watching more TV shows, I'm supporting other people's imaginations. Having that in mind, makes me feel less like a waste of space. 

Most of us need to imagine and/or create. It's nice to do it for our own enjoyment, but often it's nicer when we can share our goods.  

I like to imagine that a cast member, writer, or crew member from The Secret Life of Us would be happy to know that today I binge-watched a bit of their show (three episodes, so far), in the same way I am happy to see, from Statcounter, that people are spending time on my blog.  

Really. Let's face it. I'm writing this whole post in order to justify the fact that I'm allowing myself to become a couch potato.  Let me just say, my defense. I have a system in place where I have to earn TV show watching time by cleaning, exercising, reading, writing, etc.  And you know what? Doing those things, to earn my TV time, also gives me quiet thinking time which I can use for exercising my imagination. I can have fantasies about hanging out in Summer Bay with Kelly, Alex, and Miranda who are visiting from St. Kilda.